Doctorate in Special & Gifted Education Ph.D.

Graduate students interested in careers beyond the special needs classroom might consider a Doctorate in Special & Gifted Education. Programs might cover coursework in educational leadership, program design, or laws governing special education. Potential careers for Ph.D. in Special & Gifted Education might include postsecondary professors, program administrators, or roles within government.

Special gifted education doctorate programs are designed to prepare students for a meaningful career educating children with special needs. Special education, or special needs education, is a specific field of education that focuses on teaching students with unique needs in a way that addresses their individual learning requirements. Earning a Ph.D. special gifted education degree can give students the tools and practices they need for a career in teaching, instructing, supporting, and providing services to those with an identified disability who require individual instruction.

Another helpful way to search for a Ph.D. special gifted education doctorate program is to determine whether you prefer to study locally or internationally, as you can also filter your search by location. Find the perfect graduate school to study Ph.D. special gifted education doctorate programs by beginning your search today!

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