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Online Doctorate in Sociology​ programs offer busy working graduate students the opportunity to advance their education from a distance.   According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates with a Ph.D., strong statistical and research skills, and a background in applied sociology will have the best job prospects in this highly competitive field.

Online Sociology Doctorate Degree Program InformationOnline Doctorate in Sociology​ Programs Overview

Since Doctorate programs in Sociology involve human research and interaction with professors and academic colleagues, not all graduate schools offer programs online, and some schools may include a short residency as part of the program.

Nonetheless, distance-learning is a convenient and viable option for students who find a program that interests them, cannot commute to a university, or just work well independently. In fact, readings may fulfill some elective requirements without regular campus attendance. While researching and writing your dissertation, you may be able to use web chats, and email to interact with your advisor or advisory committee, and virtual libraries for study and research. If this sounds feasible to you, review the listings on such as Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Social Impact Management.

What Does An Online PhD in Sociology Entail?

Prospective students should request information from the school they are considering, as online program format and duration of program may vary. In some programs, the first two years are spent taking theory courses and research classes in techniques like surveys, interviews, observation and demographic analysis. 

Students also may choose elective seminars that focus the classroom learning on a subfield of sociology. After 2-3 years of classroom study, students likely spend about a year preparing a qualifying paper and taking

exams to advance to doctoral candidacy. As a doctoral candidate, you research and write your dissertation for 1-2 years before defending it to a faculty panel in a public forum.

Do Sociologists Specialize in Their Field?

Sociologists may specialize in a wide range of social topics,

which may include areas such as:

  • Health
  • Crime
  • Education
  • Racial and ethnic relations
  • Families
  • Population
  • Gender
  • Poverty

These specializations should reflect potential future career goals. For instance, do you see yourself as a Criminologist, Behavioral Scientist or Policy Analyst?

Ready to Pursue a PhD in Sociology Online?

Sociological research and analytical methods care used to solve social problems, so the application of sociology can be seen in administration, education, law, social work and government. This makes a PhD in Sociology have a versatile appeal to a wide array of fields.

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