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Since Doctorate in Sociology on Campus​ programs often entail human research and are planned around a lot of interaction with professors and academic colleagues, a campus program may be a wise choice. Sociologists gather, analyze and interpret data to increase the understanding of human social behavior and interaction. In many ways a PhD in Sociology is a versatile degree in that it may potentially prepare students not only to become Sociologists but also to apply their knowledge to other fields such as criminology, social work, business, law and policy analysis.

Campus Sociology Doctorate Degree Program Information

Sociology Doctoral Programs Overview

Many doctoral-level sociology programs require students to have a Masters in Sociology, although the variety of different programs means that students should check with the graduate school that they are considering to determine admissions protocol.

Often, the first few years, students take theory courses and research classes in techniques like surveys, interviews, observation and demographic analysis and statistical methods. Elective seminars are used to focus the classroom training on a subfield of sociology, such as human development, crime and law, business administration and policy, education, or health.

After 2-3 years of classroom study, students typically use about one year to prepare a qualifying paper and take exams to advance to doctoral candidacy. As a doctoral candidate, students engage in original research and write their dissertation for 1-2 years before defending it to a faculty panel in a public forum.

Potential Advantages to Studying For Your PhD in Sociology on Campus

One of the potential careers that a doctorate degree in Sociology may prepare you for is teaching at the post-secondary level. If this is your goal, then a campus program would give the most hands-on learning. Plus, some postsecondary teachers gain teaching

experience by working as graduate teaching assistants, so this may be a good opportunity for experience in your chosen career.

Some students prefer campus-based doctorate programs because they enjoy networking, and spending time in real libraries, or simply live close enough to commute. You can review the listings on to see what is available in your city or state, unless you prefer to relocate and study abroad; the location settings will show you available programs. Some of these listings might include: PhD in Human Development and PhD Sociology options.

Is A PhD in Sociology Right For You?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, future Sociologists with PhD level education will fare the besting the competitive job market, and likely, many of the jobs will not be in Sociology per se, but rather in fields such as policy analysts, demographers, survey researchers, and statisticians.  For instance, sociologists may research the impact of a new law or policy on a specific demographic.

PhD in Sociology: Become a Professional Sociologist

Achieving this terminal degree in Sociology does qualify students as Sociologists, who have pretty versatile skills and whose work is intertwined with other fields.

Here are a few things sociologists might do:

  • Studying human behavior, interaction and organization within the context of larger social, political, and economic sphere.
  • Observing and recording the activity of social, religious, political, and economic groups, organizations, and institutions
  • Examining the effect of social influences, including organizations and institutions, on different individuals and groups
  • Tracing the origin and growth of these groups and interactions
  • Applying sociological knowledge to conduct research and analyze penal systems and populations and to study the causes and effects of crime
  • Writing reports, articles and publications with their findings
  • Collaborating with researchers in other social sciences, such as economists, psychologists, and survey researchers, to study how social structures or groups influence policy decisions about health, education, politics, criminal justice, business, or economics

Ready to Pursue a Doctorate in Sociology on Campus Degree?

If this is interesting to you, while a PhD does not guarantee a specific job, it may give you an edge over the competition, and give you the research and critical thinking skills prized by other career fields. Why not look into your available programs and graduate schools today!

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