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Doctorate in Sociology​programs offer students the opportunity to conduct extensive research and explore advanced sociological and political science concepts. Achieving a PhD in Sociology qualifies you as a Sociologist. These professionals study and analyze human society and social behavior by examining various social, religious, political, social institutions and business organizations that the groups and social institutions that people form.

Sociology Doctorate Degree Program Information

Doctorate in Sociology​ Programs Overview

A PhD program in Sociology trains future scholars in the fundamental skills of the discipline of sociology. Students will acquire advanced knowledge of sociological theory and research in their chosen areas of specialization in order to make a significant and original contribution to the field via a dissertation. Graduates of these programs are prepared to potentially pursue advanced research and post-secondary teaching positions.

FUN FACT: Candidates with a Ph.D., strong statistical and research skills, and a background in applied sociology will have the best job prospects as Sociologists

Achieving a PhD in Sociology may take anywhere from 3-7 years to complete, depending upon the school and whether or not a student attends full-time. The typical requirements for admission include a Masters degree, official transcripts, GRE Scores, and personal statement as well as previous coursework in Sociology; students are advised to check with their graduate school for these details.

Students in a sociology doctoral program may expect traditional coursework, although they are encouraged to find a specific interest within the field and spend significant time developing professional research within it.  Specializations might include topics such as:

  • Social inequality/ social issues
  • Race and gender
  • Political systems
  • Ethnography
  • Urban Sociology
  • Human Development

Choosing A PhD in Sociology: On-Campus or Online?

Students can choose to pursue a doctorate in person or through an online PhD in Sociology format.

Many programs involve human research and are designed around a lot of interaction with professors and academic colleagues, so the choices for available online may differ from those offered as campus-based PhD Sociology programs.

Whatever learning format you decide on, use the settings on to review program choices, and conveniently, request more information from the school itself. For instance, a location search will yield results by city, state, or country according to your preference. Some options to browse might include Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) –Social Impact Management, PhD in Human Development, or PhD in Sociology.

PhD Sociology Potential Coursework

While Sociology Ph.D. programs focus on a doctoral dissertation, since, in many programs, the dissertation represents a large portion of the academic credits needed to graduate. However, traditional courses are also offered to help students understand research-based sociological models and theories. Common courses might include:

  • Advanced sociological research methods
  • Ethnographic approaches to studies
  • Sociological theory of race and gender
  • Urban sociology
  • Globalization and political science

Explore a Potential Career as a Sociologist

Sociologists with a Ph.D. have the greatest advancement and career opportunities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A Ph.D. in sociology qualifies graduates for advanced teaching positions and research opportunities with colleges, universities, sociological organizations and federal agencies. While there is not much anticipated employment growth predicted for Sociologists per se over the next few years, Postsecondary Sociology Teachers are expected to experience a 15% growth in employment between 2014 and 2024.

Other Job Titles For Sociologists might include:

  • Behavioral Scientist
  • Criminologist
  • Policy Analyst
  • Research Scientist

With the versatility of potential career paths, why not review doctoral programs in Sociology today!

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