Massachusetts Doctor of Occupational Health & Safety Doctorates

Occupational health and hygiene professionals work to protect people and the environment by analyzing business practices and inspecting workplaces. If you are looking to enhance your education in occupational health and safety you may want to consider earning a graduate-level industrial hygiene degree.

Professionals in this field often design and deliver programs, procedures, and trainings to organizations and businesses that help prevent disease and injury to workers—and damage to the environment. Earning an advanced occupational health and safety degree may be a great way to build your base of knowledge in industrial hygiene.

Phd in Occupational Health and Safety

Wondering what types of industrial hygiene doctorate degree programs are out there? There are a lot of different options to choose from, such as a Ph.D. in Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene or an OTD Doctor of Occupational Therapy, or perhaps the Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering Studies interests you?

It’s simple to filter your search by location and campus type. You can search online industrial hygiene doctorate degree programs or on-campus.

 Are you interested in learning abroad or do you want to find OTD & Ph.D. industrial hygiene degree programs your area? Just filter you search by location to choose from a list of accredited colleges or universities that meet your criteria and pick the best option for you!

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