California Hybrid Doctorate Degrees in Public Affairs and Social Sciences

Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs blend online and on-campus courses to provide the highest level of study in several fields related to the public sphere and human society. While each university may have a different format, the potential for flexibility may have a broad appeal to on-the-go adults.

How Are Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences Programs Formatted?

Each Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences program may have its own structure due to the school and subject matter. That said, they all combine some components of online and traditional campus learning. Some schools, for instance, use the cohort model. This is where students progress through the program with the same group of classmates. The sustained interaction might promote strong personal and professional connections between students and faculty.

On-Campus Interaction

In terms of onsite visits to campus, you might be required to participate in one to a few residencies. Here, you might take part in experiential learning exercises to build communication and collaboration skills. Or, you might be required to attend monthly meetings with faculty, colleagues, and other professionals. These on-site requirements lend a face-to-face component to otherwise independent study. Also, they could give you a chance to see and speak to your research mentor, or put faces to names you see on threaded online discussions about readings.

Online Study

With respect to your lectures, some universities use a weekly modular schedule which means that you can log on at the times most convenient. Others may allow you to participate in live, streaming lectures and debates. So, rather than bend your schedule to a full-time campus program, or lose out on potentially stimulating intellectual discourse, a hybrid program may warrant some thought.

Hybrid Doctorate Degrees in Public Affairs and Social Sciences Basics

Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs award terminal degrees in diverse and dynamic topics. PhD in Public Affairs programs include areas such as nonprofit management, public administration and social policy. The social sciences include psychology, political science, social work and sociology. Within many of these fields, students may have a choice between a research degree and a practice degree.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs are considered research doctorates. Students may learn how to design and conduct inquiry into an area of interest, then through their findings, contribute original thought or theory to their technical field. Usually, this is done through a dissertation

A Doctor of Education (EdD) is a doctoral degree that has a research focus in the field of education.

"Doctor of" programs such as the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and Doctor of Public Administration (DPH) are professional doctorates. Students may learn research methods so that they can conduct action-based research where current theory is critically analyzed and/or applied to a relevant issue. Also, they may develop advanced practice or clinical knowledge and further define their niche of expertise.

Admission Requirements

As there are multiple programs and degree tracks, admissions to Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs is likely to vary. Some programs may require a masters degree and minimum GPA or professional experience. Others may admit students with a bachelors degree, but it is best to check with schools directly.  


The dissertation is a paper that presents original research in a student’s field of study.i

Explore Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences Programs

Hybrid Doctorate Degrees in Psychology

Hybrid Doctorate degrees in psychology explore human behavior and cognition. Some programs may help students fulfill coursework requirements for licensure in their field. Programs vary, so contact schools directly if this interests you and confirm your state's licensure requirements.

EdD in Sport and Performance Psychology: The Doctor of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology (EdDSPP) might enable students to seek licensure as Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Certified Consultants through the Association for Applied Psychology (CC-AASP). In their courses, students could study counseling ethics along with current research, theories, and best practices to help others move toward optimal performance, health and well-being. For instance, a course in psychological preparation might look at how to help individuals manage their mental skills, respond better to stress and set goals. Other courses could help develop interview techniques and counseling methods. Aside from coursework, students may have to complete either a dissertation, mentorship project, practicum or clinical internship.

Hybrid Doctorate Degrees in Public Administration & Policy

Hybrid doctorate degrees in Public Administration and Policy might explore various systems of law and their impact (public policy). Or, they could cover topics in 
corporate responsibility and organizational behavior (public administration).

PhD in Public Policy and Social Change: A PhD with a focus in Public Policy and Social Change program might prepare students to understand and influence social change. Some of the topics that might be discussed include the historical, economic, and social contexts of policy. Courses may also touch on the constitutional and legal framework of policymaking at the local, state, national, and international levels. Other courses could delve into the dynamics of politics, power and the policy process, which could provide various approaches for conflict resolution. Students may also be introduced to the best practices of democracy and democratic decision-making. 

PhD in Humanities and Culture: A PhD with a major in Humanities and Culture program could draw content from several disciplines that impact issues of social justice and cultural difference, or that showcase or explore the creative process. Coursework is likely to mix a few selected fields of the humanities, such as social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics. 

PhD in Ethical and Creative Leadership: The PhD with an emphasis in Ethical and Creative Leadership might explore the nature of leadership through an in-depth look at the qualities of effective leaders. Coursework could also discuss the processes and relationships that make up leadership and the conditions, culture, and contexts in which leadership takes place.

PhD in Educational Studies: A Doctor of Educational Studies program could explore the entire discipline of educational studies, though it might zoom in on social justice in both the Pre-K to 12 and higher education fields. Doctoral students may be challenged to discuss multiple issues in the educational spectrum, such as multiculturalism, educational law and policy.

Hybrid Doctorate Degrees in Social Work

A Hybrid Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program may help students develop their identity as scholar-practitioners who are prepared to potentially teach and lead in the social work profession. Some courses may critically analyze and compare theories from multiple points of view such as ethics, diversity and social justice. Other courses could help students form lesson plans and strategies to teach to different learners. For instance, a class in course development might help students learn the principles of how to teach social work content in online and blended formats. Students might also acquire the ability to write grants and their own dissertation material.

Where Does Accreditation Fit In?

Hybrid Doctorate Public Affairs and Social Sciences programs may be available at regionally and nationally accredited institutions. Accreditation is a type of approval that a school might voluntarily choose to do to show it meets or exceeds standards and is financially stable. Some individual programs may also be approved by professional agencies who set professional competencies in their field. Stay informed about your field of study to help you make an informed decision.

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