Online Doctorates in Public Policy

What may a person do with a PhD in public policy?

A PhD in public policy is a terminal degree. This doctoral degree often covers a range of topics in public policy but tends to be research-focused. Those who complete it may be able to work as a college professor. Others work in executive positions in private companies, nonprofits, government agencies, or other organizations.

Is a PhD in public policy worth it?

There is value in completing a PhD in public policy. It may help a person to gain more leadership and research skills in this path. That may include writing and analyzing policy, public administration positions, or other areas. Some may apply their experience in law or business fields to this degree, which may help them qualify for different roles within their existing company or with a new organization.

How long does it take to complete a public policy PhD?

A Doctor of Philosophy typically takes 4 to 6 years to complete. The public policy PhD may be shorter for those who are studying full time in an accelerated program. Some people work in their field of choice and complete their degree. This may stretch out the time of completion longer.

Popular schools with Public Policy Doctorate Online Degrees

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary StudiesUnion Institute and UniversityPhD

Give yourself an edge when applying to jobs with an online doctorate in public policy. This professional degree will prepare you to make the proper decisions regarding laws and programs. offers 2 Graduate Schools with Online Public Policy Graduate Doctorate Programs

  • Union Institute and University

  • Saybrook University