Michigan Hybrid Doctorates in Public Administration and Policy

Often referred to as ‘blended online’ programs, Hybrid Public Affairs and Public Policy Doctoral Programs combine the flexibility of online courses with some campus requirements. Many of the social and behavioral sciences, such as Social Work and Psychology are human-centered, and public affairs doctoral programs often require leadership training. The Hybrid learning format is often the perfect format for busy working professionals to earn their degree without leaving their current job.

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Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - 296+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 8:1
Portland State University
Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - 5,556+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 19:1

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Why Choose a Hybrid Public Affairs Doctoral Program?

Students hoping to complete their degree in a completely online format may find there are more options for Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Doctoral Programs than fully online ones. A primary reason for this is that completely online programs tend to reduce the interpersonal component of learning. If your academic discipline is human centered, such as clinical mental health counseling, there is likely to be some type of onsite requirement. Furthermore, many of the humanities programs are brought to life through discussion, group projects and other applied work that is best completed in real time.

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