PhD in Forensic Psychology Online

Online PhD in Forensic Psychology​ PsyD programs offer students the opportunity to develop expertise in the application of psychological theory and practice to the criminal, court and corrections systems. For students who aspire to become Forensic Psychologists, part of the process is earning a doctorate degree.

PhD in Forensic Psychology Online

Busy working professionals seeking these credentials might find that a Forensic Psychology online PhD learning format is a convenient option to attending class on campus.

Online Forensic Psychology Doctorate Degree Program Information - Online PhD in Forensic Psychology

Online PhD in Forensic Psychology​ PsyD Programs Overview

Online PsyD and PhD in Forensic Psychology programs may take 5 -7 years to complete depending whether you are a full or part-time student. Some doctorate programs require students to complete an internship and/or write a dissertation. Applicants to Online PhD in Forensic Psychology programs typically have a bachelor's degree in a subject like psychology, criminal justice or sociology. Many programs also look for prospective students who have completed undergraduate courses in clinical psychology and statistics. Prospective students should be geared up for intensive research and have excellent writing and presentation skills.

Online PhD in Forensic Psychology​ or PsyD in Forensic Psychology degree?

The two main types of online doctorate degrees in Forensic Psychology are the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Forensic Psychology or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Forensic Psychology.  Finding Forensic Psychology Online PhD program may be somewhat more available that the PsyD. The reason may be that a PhD in Forensic Psychology is a research-intensive degree. It is typically designed for students who aspire to become Academic Forensic Psychologists. These professionals engage in teaching, researching, training and supervision of students, and other education-related activities.

On the other hand, the PsyD is intended to integrate research with clinical training for those interested in working as practicing clinical psychologists. The mission of a Forensic Psychologist in real-world practice is not to empathize with the patient as much as to detect deception, sanity, risk of dangerousness, and risk of re-offending. This being stated, the type of clientele one might expect as a Forensic Psychologist is often violent. This requires a strong understanding of the criminal mind and criminal or brutal behavior.

FACT: A forensic psychologist is frequently appointed by the court to assess a defendant's competence to stand trial[i]

To browse Online PhD in Forensic Psychology, use the settings to look up options such as PhD in Psychology- Forensic Psychology Online. You can request information from the school right from the site.

Potential Benefits to an Online PhD in Forensic Psychology Program

Educational technology has become so refined that many accredited universities offer Online PhD programs in Forensic Psychology to reach students who either live too far from their campus or, are busy working and cannot manage the campus schedule. It is common that online PhD students be able to log into a course management system for lectures, guest seminars, coursework and research. Generally the student has a supervisor to help them with research. Correspondence can range from web cameras and emails, to group forums and discussion boards. Some programs ask students to spend some time on campus; always double check with your graduate school. A Forensic Psychology Online PhD may be a great fit for students who seek advancement in a current role, or are self-motivated.

Forensic Psychology Online PhD Program Potential Coursework

Forensic psychology students need to have strong analytical skills and be good oral and written communicators. A forensic psychology online PhD programs may be interdisciplinary, offering coursework in both psychology and criminal justice. Students learn the theoretical aspects of the field as well as the real-world applications. Some of the courses students might take may include:

  • Forensic psychopathology
  • Forensic psychological assessment methods
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Social forensic psychology
  • Forensic psychology ethics
  • Issues in child custody
  • Understanding the judicial system

Ready to Pursue a Forensic Psychology PhD Online?

Achieving a PhD in Forensic Psychology allows graduates to then pursue their license in order to practice. Once they have completed this step, they may apply for professional certification with the American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP) to become board certified Forensic Psychologists. ABFP certification requires candidates to hold a doctorate degree from a Professional Psychology program, be licensed in their jurisdiction of practice, and complete at least 100 hours of formal education and 1,000 hours of practical experience in the field. If this is your intention, earning a Forensic Psychology Online PhD may offer you a flexible way to achieve your goal.

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