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Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis On Campus Degree Information

Students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) PhD programs learn to perform research, identify causes of behavioral problems, and work at creating treatment plans for behavioral modification that encourage positive changes. Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs are not as common, but quite similar in scope to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in ABA programs. Students form the fields of counseling, psychology and special education may benefit from advanced level education as a doctorate degree is typically required for these careers.

Doctoral ABA programs teach students to carry out behavioral research, identify environmental causes of and design plans to remedy problems. A PhD is a research degree that students may obtain after taking an all-inclusive exam and writing a dissertation based on their original research in Applied Behavior Analysis. The PsyD is a clinical degree, which may not require a dissertation, but is obtained based on practical work and examinations

Skills Profile for Students in a campus based ABA PhD program - Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis On CampusDoctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis On Campus Degree Options

Both PsyD and PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis programs are intended to prepare students for high-level careers within areas where there are growing demands for knowledgeable professionals with expert skills in applied behavior analysis: specifically, special education, psychology/mental health, research and academia.

What is ABA Certification? The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services[i].Graduates from Applied Behavior Analysis PhD programs that have approved curriculums are prepared to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

certification test. Upon earning their BCBAs, individuals may practice ABA. 

How to Find a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis On Campus Program

Studying on a college campus offers students the opportunity to interact with faculty and classmates, potentially form new networks, and engage in hands-on learning. One of the perks is that students gain access to the college’s facilities, like libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums and services such as career counseling.

If this sounds right for you, review universities with PhD programs in ABA by location on Use the city, state, or country tabs to generate listings such as: PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis, PhD Psychology-Behavior Analysis Specialization and PhD Behavior Analysis programs.

Potential ABA Curriculum

Some programs include laboratory work and collaboration with behavior analysts in which PhD students are schooled in ABA theories and to conduct ABA procedures in professional and ethical manners. Some of the aspects of a doctorate program might include learning:

  • How to describe behavior
  • How to understand the environmental causes of behavior
  • How to measure behavior
  • How to create modification treatments
  • How to conduct assessments and evaluate treatments

Potential Careers for Graduates of a Doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis On Campus Program

Graduates with a doctorate degree in applied behavior analysis programs and upon earning their BCBAs, become able to practice ABA. They may work for clinical facilities, government, hospitals, educational institutions or businesses in careers such as:

  • Researcher
  • Behavior analyst specialist
  • Professor
  • Psychologist
  • Special Education

Ready to Pursue a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis on Campus?

With advanced knowledge comes the potential for more professional versatility. Why not review listings on to find the program that meets your academic and vocational goals!

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