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Graduates of a doctorate in project management School might recruit, train and supervises employees in order to successfully meet a company’s human resource objectives. They also offer up their professional opinions concerning reviews and company plans while helping to build the organization’s public and industry reputation. In order to learn how to perform their jobs to the absolute best of their abilities, project managers might choose to earn a doctorate in Project Management degree on campus.

On campus doctorate programs may be an ideal choice for students who prefer to learn in a traditional classroom setting. Even if a student is currently working, there are several traditional doctorate in project management on campus programs that hold classes on the weekends and evenings, making it easier for scholars to gain the education they need to take their career to the next level. What’s more is that a program could offer the option of students attending either part-time or full-time.

Common Coursework in Doctorate in Project Management On Campus Programs

A project management curriculum may vary from school to school, but there are common courses and topics that might be touched on in nearly every program. These topics include ethics, management, strategic thinking, qualitative/quantitative research methods and organizational alignment. In addition to core courses doctorate students might take in order to earn their degrees, programs could also offer concentrations designed to allow students to focus their studies on a particular aspect of project management.

Additionally, some doctorate in project management on campus programs require students to complete a dissertation before they can be awarded with a PhD. Because dissertations are such an in-depth part of the program, some PhD programs might build courses into the curriculum that provide

students with guidance on composing an essay that has all of the necessary elements that may not only earn them passing grades, but add to the collective knowledge banks of the project management industry.

How to earn a PHD degree in Project Management

Skills and Qualities of Project Managers

There are a number of specific skills and qualities project managers might ideally possess in order to perform their job duties effectively. For instance, being able to look at a project from every conceivable angle might help to determine problems that could arise in the future. With this foresight, managers can develop contingency plans and act on situations rather than react to them.

With so much that needs to be done for a single project, project managers should also be able to prioritize tasks and remain well organized no matter what. Some steps and tasks take precedence over others, and project managers are often expected to know what should be done first and what can wait. On a related note, pragmatism is another essential quality a competent project manager should have. It’s easy to over-analyze a project, but that can lead to inaction as well as wasted time and resources.

Being able to relate to and connect with employees, team members, stakeholders and anyone else they work with is another quality project managers should possess. Not only does empathy help see and anticipate another person’s concerns, it may also help a manager be more influential.

Similar Occupations to Project Management

Doctorate in project management students who are considering pursuing potential career options similar to project management may have a number of different choices, depending on their interests. Those with a liking towards managing construction projects might be interested in being landscape architects or civil engineers. A landscape architect creates and plans designs for recreational facilities, parks, campuses and private homes. Civil engineers have a similar job description, but they supervise and maintain construction systems along with projects, which include buildings, airports, dams, water supply systems and sewage treatment systems.

Managers with more of an interest in managing technical projects may find satisfaction in the idea of working as computer and information research scientists or computer network architects. Computer and information research scientists develop computer technology innovations and create new ways to utilize current technology. A computer network architect creates and constructs local area networks, intranets, wide area networks and other types of data communication networks[ii]. Architects can focus their skills on efficiently connecting two separate offices or widen their scope on internationally distributed communication systems.

Each of these occupations comes with its own unique education requirements, these occupations might also require specific certifications or licensures before applicants can qualify for jobs, making it imperative that project management students do their research before embarking on a career in a similar field.

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