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Online PhD programs in Chemistry Overview

Pursuing an Online PhD in Chemistry may be a great option for working students who aspire to potential careers within academia or research but either do not have the time to commute to campus or simply live too far from an accredited graduate school. Many doctorate level chemistry programs give students the opportunity to choose a specialization, and much time is devoted to independent research and study. Laboratory requirements, while not always part of online doctoral degree programs in chemistry, are sometimes additional components of the chemistry PhD curricula.

Online Chemistry Doctorate Degree Program Information

Online PhD in Chemistry programs may take from 3 to 8 years and involve coursework and a dissertation for completion of the degree. Students often take writing courses, as communication skills are needed not only to communicate research findings while in school, but also important for professional chemists to have in real-time positions.

Potential Advantages to Online PhD in Chemistry Programs

Distance-learning offers a convenient way to balance study with other commitments. For independent learners, an online doctorate program may be a good fit. Course management systems make it easy to complete all chemistry work via Internet. Students typically complete assignments and research on their own time, and then submit them via a Web portal.

Depending on the university, online chemistry students may not need to attend class in a physical classroom. However, some chemistry doctoral programs require students to visit the physical campus as part of a symposium. This gives learners the opportunity to network and discuss research with their professors in person.

Furthermore, some online Chemistry PhD programs may require students to meet laboratory requirements through universities in their areas, so access to a laboratory environment may be

necessary. Prospective students that do not live near a college may need to fulfill the lab components in another way. To determine whether your university requires campus visits, or discuss the laboratory requirements, you can use the ‘request info’ tabs on the GradSchools.com site as you review the different schools.

Potential Online Chemistry PhD Curriculum

Students are likely to take classes in areas like the principles of chemistry, physical chemistry, statistics, organic chemistry and advanced biological chemistry. Common concentrations offered by doctoral programs in chemistry might include analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, and biochemistry. Note that program curriculums vary depending on the graduate school.

Career Outlook for Chemists

Ideally, as a PhD chemistry student you have an interest in conducting research and gaining laboratory experience. Chemistry doctorate degrees are best for students who wish to become research chemists or college-level instructors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 15% growth in employment for Chemistry teachers, postsecondary level between 2014 and 2024[i]

The growth rate for Chemists and Materials Scientists will be slower; a 3% growth in employment is projected between 2014 and 2024. However, those with advanced degrees, such as a PhD, and experience in the field, are expected to face better job prospects, especially in pharmaceutical and biotechnology domains. Additionally, chemists with advanced degrees will continue to fill senior research and upper-level management positions.[ii]

Ready to Pursue an Online PhD in Chemistry?

Do you enjoy research and development? Do you find the idea of potentially collaborating on a project with other scientists, biologists, physicists, computer scientists, or engineers appealing? Do you want to share your knowledge of chemistry with eager students? If so, earning an online Chemistry PhD may be what sets you up for a bright future. Why not browse through the listings on GradSchools.com today!

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