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A PhD leadership online program offers a course of study that highlights leadership theory, strategy, technology, ethics, and communication. Through various areas of emphasis, students may develop the skills and expertise to lead organizations and teams, to consult, or to teach. Some students might choose to tailor their degree so it aligns with current managerial needs such as risk and change management. Programs may also highlight educational leadership, servant leadership, or business leadership.

Why Consider an PhD Leadership Online Program?

Students who pursue their PhD leadership online are often busy adults, managers, and supervisors who seek career advancement. Most programs answer questions such as, “What are the qualities of a good leader?” or “How can I lead more effectively?” These are great questions to ask if you want to be a more effective manager, director, supervisor, executive, or administrator. And, exploring these issues through an online PhD Organizational Leadership program often means less disruption to a current professional life.

Explore Leadership from Various Points of View

While each PhD leadership online program may explore leadership from a distinct point of view (psychology, business, education, spirituality), the goal is often the same. To foster well-rounded leaders who are prepared to head teams and organizations. These leaders will also need to think strategically and help their enterprise meet its objectives.

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An executive’s personal traits—such as leadership style or intelligence—go a long way in determining a firm’s policies and success.i

Take PhD in Leadership Online Courses

No two PhD Leadership online programs are the same. This means that a school's syllabus may be a great way for you to make up your mind on where to pursue your degree. Below is a glance into some general courses

that may be offered in a PhD in Organizational Leadership Track.

  • Leadership Theory
  • Group Behavior
  • Organizational Culture
  • Personal Authenticity
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Employee and Team Motivators
  • Global Perspectives
  • Performance Management
  • How to Implement Change in Organizations

Schedule Flexibility

Some PhD in Leadership online programs offer a great deal of flexibility. Students often complete their coursework on their own timetable. Beyond the self-paced set-up, students might choose the number of courses they want to complete per quarter or semester.

Network with Other Leaders

It is not uncommon for online doctoral programs in organizational leadership programs to include brief residencies. In these intensives, sometimes held on weekends, students interact, receive feedback, and share insights with faculty and classmates. These sessions may help candidates further develop their research plans.

So, while the online coursework lays the theoretical basis, the in-person seminar may help keep students on track in their program. Online students may be able to opt for virtual residencies in some cases as well. 

Types of Doctorate in Leadership and Management Degrees

Many of the PhD leadership programs entail about 60 course credits. Full-time students, may be able to complete these requirements in about three years. That said, program lengths, courses, and credits vary between graduate schools. To that end, the PhD is one of several academically equivalent doctorate in Leadership and Management degrees. Some programs incorporate more psychology and education courses while others emphasize business administration and management. Most programs require future students to have a masters degree (e.g. Master of Science in Organizational Leadership) and a certain amount of work experience. But, each program may appeal to learners from different industries and academic backgrounds.

Online DBA in Organizational Leadership

The online Doctor of Business Administration in Leadership is an applied research degree in business administration. Often, the DBA degree leads students through core business courses that typically cover organizational theory, information systems, marketing, fiscal leadership, and operations. Also, an emphasis is often placed on business strategy such as how to innovate or stay competitive.

Students also may take part in seminars. These might cover change management and sustainability. Other Doctor of Leadership courses may address applied business analysis research to prepare students for their dissertation.

Online Doctor of Management in Executive Leadership 

The online Doctor of Management (DM) degree in Executive Leadership is often built around core leadership criteria through core courses. These may span topics such as strategic change and the management of individuals and teams. It may also cover how to help an organization accomplish its goals. In addition to tools for team building and networking, students may also acquire more proficiency in human resources, finance, and IT. Like the DBA degree, students in online DM degree programs prepare an independent research project. Usually, the goal is to apply theory and research to a specific issue in leadership to bring light, solve a problem, or to prove a point.

Online PhD in Business Management 

The online PhD in Business Management is a research-focused degree in management and leadership. Students in this type of program may explore advanced management theory, business principles, ethics, economics, and marketing. Also, they may learn current best practices for strategic management.

For the leadership track, courses usually address theory and practice in the global environment as well as leadership as personal practice and systems thinking. Aside from a comprehensive exam that tests their knowledge, a dissertation is required.

Online PhD in Organizational Systems 

The online PhD in Organizational Systems is a research-based degree that focuses on systems design and transformation plus subjects like management, leadership development, and organizational learning. A PhD in Organizational Systems may put the spotlight on social justice and human rights.

Like other doctorate degrees in leadership, it may help students develop the skills to manage organizations, work with complex issues, and lead a team in a time of transition. 

Online PhD in Organizational Development

The online PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership is a research degree for managers. This area of study often dives into research and measurement (such as performance, dynamics, change).  

Careers with a PhD in Leadership

An online PhD in Leadership may prepare graduates to seek upward mobility in their current career or to transition into a new venture. Per the BLS, top executives are employed in nearly every industry.ii 

The median annual wage for chief executives was $181,210 in May 2016.ii Some associated career paths include Chief Nursing Officer, Operations Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).iii

Find an Accredited Online PhD Organizational Leadership

Regionally accredited traditional and online universities offer PhD Organizational Leadership online degrees. Also, some individual programs may be accredited by a professional accreditor.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) is one of the accrediting agencies. Accreditation is a stamp of approval, and it may speak to whether an institution meets or exceeds standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, and student services.

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