Indiana PhD in Organizational Leadership Degrees & Programs (Hybrid)

Hybrid doctorate in organizational leadership programs help prepare students to pursue potential career opportunities in teaching, or management in a flexible, convenient format. If you want to pursue a career that might allow you to use leadership skills in an effective way, a hybrid doctorate in Organizational Leadership might be the degree for you.

These programs are designed to help you to strengthen leadership skills you might already have, and gain new skills that might be useful for the potential career opportunities you plan to pursue. Many hybrid programs offer combined classroom and online learning formats.

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Enrolling in a hybrid doctorate in organizational leadership, give you the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience of studying at home at your own pace online, and access to the resources and interactions that often take place on campus. By earning a doctorate degree in organizational leadership, you may be prepared to pursue potential career opportunities that allow you to participate in activities like team-building, communication or problem solving. Jump start your career today by pursuing a doctoral organizational leadership degree.

Skills Developed by Students in Hybrid Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Program

Someone pursuing a hybrid PhD in Organizational Leadership may already have some skills that make them qualified to pursue a career, but as they study, they could strengthen those and gain more. Some of the qualities that may be important for someone in a leadership position include[i]:

  • Organization – This is why a degree could be so important. Leaders should be organized in their thoughts, actions and implementation of ideas. Sometimes it takes a little training to learn this skill.
  • Problem Solving – While it could be hard to remain positive during certain issues, it could be an important skill to be able to solve problems with a cool head. Leaders might have previous experiences to pull from to solve problems, but should also use their own creativity to come up with solutions that may not have been tried before.
  • Communicating – This includes both written and oral communication. Something that might be a benefit of pursuing a hybrid education is that you could get some good practice at both.

Types of Degrees You Could Earn in a Hybrid Organizational Leadership PhD Program

When choosing your degree, there are some things you might want to consider so you know which educational path to go down. Hybrid doctoral degrees in organizational leadership can be broken down into two categories: The PhD and the EdD.

A PhD in Organizational Leadership is typically focused more on research. Students may look deeply at leadership principles from the perspective of an interdisciplinary view. Theories and psychological concepts could be studied in depth as well. Many programs ask students to complete a dissertation on a research topic of their choice. Some common topics that students often study include leadership development, organizational leadership research, theories of organization and decision making. Career paths could include becoming an executive, supervisor, consultant or manager[ii].

An EdD in Organizational Leadership is often focused on the educational perspective of the topic. While leadership positions within educational organizations may be the focus, graduates may pursue careers outside of that realm. Students might learn facilitating strategies, effective system creation, problem solving skills and quantitative data assessment. Graduates might pursue careers with leadership positions in private schools, colleges, public schools and even nonprofit organizations[iii].

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of a Hybrid PhD Program in Organizational Leadership

By earning a degree, you might be ready to enhance or jump-start you career. Hybrid doctorate programs in organizational leadership could prepare you for one of the following potential careers:

  • Top Executive – There are top executives in many different industries. By earning your PhD in Organizational Leadership, you may be ready to come up with policies, devise strategies and help an organization meet goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, the median pay for a top executive was $101,650, and employment was expected to grow from 2012 to 2022 by 11%.[iv]
  • Management Analyst – Also known as management consultants, these professionals are often asked to come up with ways that an organization could improve and become more efficient. By earning an organizational leadership doctorate degree, you could be qualified to do this. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, the median pay for a management analyst was $78,600, and this type of position had a projected growth of 19% between 2012 and 2022.[v]
  • Postsecondary Educational Administrator – A doctoral degree is often required for this type of career. By earning your degree, you could be prepared to work on a college or university campus. In 2012, the median pay for a post-secondary educational administrator was $86,490, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The projected growth from 2012 to 2022 was expected to be 15%.[vi]

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