PhD in Supply Chain Management Degrees & Programs in Miami

Why consider a Doctorate of Supply Chain Management? The field of supply chain management is concerned with supervising the overall life cycle of a specific product by managing how it’s acquired, delivered, appropriated and distributed. Schools that offer doctorates in supply chain management programs often do so with the intention of providing students with a high level education on the conceptual abilities and methodological resources a supply chain manager needs to ship products from suppliers to consumers. PhD in supply chain management degrees might be offered on-campus as well as online, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Those who are already in the workforce may prefer the convenience of distance learning programs while students who prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment might be more comfortable with on-campus programs.

Potential Coursework in Doctorate of Supply Chain Management Degree Programs

While the specific material covered in Doctorate of Supply Chain Management programs differs from school to school and region to region, some of the more common courses might include; univariate statistics, supply chain management theory, behavioral supply chain management, econometrics and structural equation analysis. In addition to core courses, PhD in supply chain management programs might also offer students the option of choosing an industry concentration, such as operations management, marketing, or information systems. Because scholars are enrolled in upper-level degree programs, they might also be expected to write dissertations before they are allowed to graduate. Some programs might offer special classes specifically designed to help students composing a dissertation, schools may also have program faculty members who help students with their dissertations.

Concentration Options for PhD in Supply Chain Management students

To satisfy each students’ specific career goals, PhD in supply chain management programs might offer concentration options besides the ones mentioned above. Global supply chain management programs are sometimes focused on providing students with an education on the nuances of globalization, stakeholder relationships and ethics on managing the supply chain logistics of companies around the world. Topics touched on in a sustainable supply chain concentration program might include sustainable business practices and project management. Instructors could also offer a sustainable business practicum, and students may also be required to complete a professional internship. Scholars who are more interested in learning about the finer points of the procurement aspect of supply chain management might have the opportunity to learn about service operations, strategic sourcing and global operations management as well as management negotiations. Doctorate of Supply Chain Management  in  Miami

Skills and Qualities for Supply Chain Managers Gained from a Doctorate of Supply Chain Management

In order to perform at their absolute best and help companies do the same, there are specific professional and personal characteristics and abilities a supply chain manager should have. Such skills and qualities include being technically savvy, global orientation and systems thinking. Because technology is such a vital part of their occupation, supply chain managers should remain up-to-date on the current trends in technology being used in their industry. Forming a strong relationship with a company’s IT staff is also a common part of the job, and knowing how technology works may go a long way in improving efficiency and saving time. By being globally oriented, supply chain managers have the intellectual wherewithal needed to sell and source products all over the world. This specific quality might also give managers a professional advantage over their competitors, or at least place them on equal footing.
Fun Fact: “Systems thinking” means understanding how supply chain management intersects with logistics, procurement, marketing, sales and manufacturing. Being aware of how the needs of consumers and suppliers outside of the firm overlap is also instrumental in being a competent supply chain manager.

Potential Career Paths for Individuals with a PhD in Supply Chain Management

One of the great things about the field of supply chain management is that there are several stages of the process, which means there may be several different potential career options for individuals with doctorate degrees. These options might include supply chain software manager, customer service manager and warehouse operations manager. Supply chain software managers are tasked with creating software that helps companies improve and monitor their productivity. Examples of technology they commonly manage include order taking systems, electronic communication systems and warehouse operations systems. Managers who excel at the techno savvy skills mentioned above might be the perfect fit for this particular occupation. The intersection where customer service and supply chain management meet is where customer service managers with a doctorate in supply chain management might be found. The specific aspect of their job where supply chain management comes into play is working with marketing, sales, and logistics and transportation departments to keep costs under control and make sure orders are adequately fulfilled. Schools that offer a Doctorate of Supply Chain Management may be the perfect option for students who are well organized, have an interest in improving customer value and excel at creating processes designed to upgrade efficiency and moving products from point A to point B. Various opportunities are available in the field, and a PhD might be just the thing a professional needs to properly qualify for advanced job opportunities and increase her or his earning potential.