Online Doctorate in Supply Chain Management Degrees & Programs

Graduates of an online doctorate in supply chain management program might be able to help companies gain a competitive edge by overseeing their supply chain activities, ensuring products are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible and make sure departments that intersect with the supply chain are on the same page as the logistics and supply chain department. Common activities that fall under the expertise of a supply chain manager include production, sourcing and managing information systems[i].

Educational institutions that offer online doctorate in supply chain management programs often do so to make it easier for students to obtain a higher degree that may allow them to qualify for advanced positions in the industry and potentially increase their salaries. Online doctorate in supply chain management degree programs are a common choice for students who work and don’t have time to attend on-campus classes or don’t live near the school they’d like to attend.

Common Coursework in Online Doctorate in Supply Chain Management Programs

While specific courses may vary from on-campus programs and online programs, some material is commonly found in nearly every doctorate program for supply chain managers. Global operations, market innovation, research foundations and social sustainability are examples of items that might be included on a curriculum. In addition to common core classes, a distance learning PhD program may also offer concentration classes for students who desire to focus on a specific aspect of supply chain management. Such concentrations include creating international supply chains, creating a global supply chain network and managing supplier relationships.

Because scholars are enrolled in a doctorate degree program, they are often required to write a dissertation before receiving their degrees. Programs usually offer dissertation courses designed to help students compile their essays. Faculty members are typically available to provide mentorship and ensure doctorate students complete each step of the dissertation process[ii]. Because students are completing courses online, they are likely to have a number of residencies throughout the course of the program. These residencies might require a student to stay in a hotel, and their costs may or may not be included with student tuition[iii].

Online Doctorate of Supply Chain Management

Certification Options for Online PhD in Supply Chain Management Degree Holders

After completing an online doctorate in supply chain management program, a graduate might be interested in becoming certified within the field. Certifications usually aren’t required to qualify for jobs, mainly because having a doctorate degree already shows the individual has a high level of knowledge in the field, but certifications might help demonstrate intimate knowledge of a niche of supply chain management. Certification options include Certified Professional in Supply Management, Certified Supply Chain Professional and SCPro™.[iv].

The Certified Professional in Supply Management designation is offered by the Institute for Supply Management and requires applicants to have three to five years of professional experience, a bachelor’s degree and successfully pass an exam. The Certified Supply Chain Professional certification is designed for managers who have a desire to know a bit of everything about the latest and best practices of supply chain management. Certification requirements include having two to five years of business experience, an undergraduate degree and another certification offered by the Association for Operations Management (APICS) or the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

Similar Fields of Study

Individuals who aren’t quite sold on the idea of becoming supply chain managers for the rest of their lives or are interested in similar careers could be intrigued at the idea of becoming a cost estimator, management analyst, quality control inspector or an industrial engineering technician[v].

Cost estimators gather and study information in order to determine the overall monetary cost, time and resources that are needed to manufacture a product, construct a building or offer a specific service. Estimators have the option of focusing on a particular product or industry.

It’s the job of management analysts to devise ways a company might improve the efficiency of its management department. Besides offering suggestions on ways management performance may be improved, analysts also offer professional advice on ways a company could become more profitable by lowering overall expenses and boosting revenue.

A quality control inspector looks over materials and products to make sure they are up to the necessary standards and specifications while industrial engineering technicians aid industrial engineers in implementing designs in a way that’s the most efficient. This efficiency improvement also extends to personnel, factory machines, materials, health care organizations and offices. Each of these occupations comes with their own unique education requirements, and an applicant with a doctorate in supply chain management could possibly bypass an entry-level position for one with more responsibility and the increased salary that comes with such a position. There might also be licensure or certification requirements to fulfill before one may qualify for a job[v].

Depending on the individual’s specific interests, he or she might find there are several opportunities available in the sector of supply chain management. Attaining an online doctorate degree could pave the way to a successful and satisfying career, one with endless potential. Online doctorates in supply chain management are found all over the world, making it easy for interested students to find a program that fits them and their professional goals perfectly.

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