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What  Are Online DNP Programs?

Online doctorate in nursing programs (DNP) offer an alternative to campus based Doctoral programs. Registered Nurses who would like to uniquely position themselves for advanced roles in nursing, might find that earning a Doctor of Nursing or a DNP, doctor of nursing practice degree, may potentially open up a variety of career opportunities.

Online Doctorate in Nursing

Online DNP Programs Info

GradSchools.com has search tools that help you identify the online doctorate in nursing program that matches your academic and vocational goals, whether you hope to work in leadership, research, academia, as a midwife, a family nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse or nurse anesthetist. You might want to scroll through the listings and open a few in different tabs to see which one offers what you are looking for. Some of these options include; Online Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice, Online BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing in Executive Leadership, Online MSN to DNP Path (Doctor of Nursing Practice), or Online Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

What is an Online DNP Degree?

DNP, or Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a post-master’s degree geared towards teaching the critical skills needed to bring evidence-based care into clinical practice-oriented care. The DNP is a degree program, as opposed to a title, that is intended as a terminal degree in nursing and is considered a preparation for implementing practice and science. While a PhD in nursing is required for teaching and research, a DNP emphasizes the clinical side of nursing. A nurse with a DNP endeavors to improve health care systems, work with patients, or specific populations and within the community. There are different types of online doctorate in nursing and nursing PhD programs.

  • Online MSN to DNP programs combine a master’s and doctorate in an accelerated program
  • Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) emphasizes clinical, practice oriented leadership training
  • Online Doctor of Nursing (ND) focuses on developing advanced specialist skills
  • Online Doctor of Nursing Science (DNSc) focuses on investigative and research-based skills
  • Online BSN to DNP programs focus on BSN holders who are planning to become teachers of nursing or researchers
  • Online PhD in Nursing Education programs emphasize teaching techniques, teaching strategies and curriculum development and are geared towards nurses who want to be nurse educators
  • Online PhD in Nursing emphasizes a science intensive training

Potential Coursework in Online Doctorate in Nursing

Depending on whether you are in an online DNP program with a particular specialization such as Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwifery or Nurse Anesthesia, some of the potential topics of study might include:

  • Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Planning, Decision Making and Performance Measurement
  • Principles of FNP Practice
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Professional Aspects of Advanced Practice Nursing

Potential Advantages to Online DNP Programs

For current nursing professionals who want to gain distinction in their specialty, or advance their education to potentially increase their earning potential or jumpstart an existing career, distance learning may be a good fit. Online DNP Programs typically allow you to earn your degree on your schedule. This flexibility means you might log into your course management system on a day off, or balance family and other obligations during the day with study in the evening. Digital technology keeps you in contact with faculty and classmates, and web based study and research tools bring the library to you. If time is an issue and commuting is a challenge, earning your DNP online may be advantageous to you.

Explore a Career in Advanced Nursing: Clinical Nurses

Clinical nurses Plan, direct, or coordinate the daily patient care activities in a clinical practice. They ensure adherence to established clinical policies, protocols, regulations, and standards and may prescribe medication.

These nursing professionals belong to the qualification of advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). They provide direct patient care in one of many nursing specialties, such as psychiatric-mental health or pediatrics. CNSs also provide indirect care, by working with other nurses and health care staff to improve the quality of care that patients receive. They often serve in leadership roles and may advise other nursing staff. CNSs also may conduct research and may advocate for certain policies.

Some of the other job titles for clinical nurses include; Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist, Diabetes; Cardiology Clinical Nurse Specialist; Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist; Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist; Emergency Department Clinical Nurse Specialist; Intensive Care Unit Clinical Nurse Specialist; Nurse Clinician; Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ready to Pursue an Online Doctorate in Nursing?

Nurses are in demand, and employment of registered nurses is expected to grow 19 % from 2012 to 2022, due to aging populations, an increase in the number of individuals with healthcare and more patients being placed in long-term care facilities. Earning an advanced degree such as the DNP may position you to be in the next wave of leaders in nursing, or give you access to better paying positions. Why not start reviewing online DNP programs on GradSchools.com !

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