Physician Assistant Doctorate Programs & Physician Assistant PhD Programs

Does an education in the field of healthcare interest you? Physician assistant PhD programs may open up different career options within this broad profession. A physician’s assistant is a healthcare professional who is licensed to practice medicine as part of a team with physicians and other providers. These qualified individuals are concerned with preventing and treating human injury and illness by providing a variety of health care services under guidance of a surgeon or physician.

Physician Assistant PhD Programs Job Growth RateReview our listings such as: Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine or a Doctorate Physician Assistant Degree.

Why Physician Assistant PhD Programs Might Make Sense for You

While physicians assistants are currently only required to complete master’s level training and pass certification standards in order to practice1.

Physician Assistant Doctorate in the Workforce

Some individuals might be interested in enrolling in a physician assistant doctorate program in order to perform advanced healthcare research, teach at the graduate level, fine tune their skills, or develop a specialization.

What To Expect When Completing Your Doctorate in Physician Assistant Degree

Physician assistant doctorate programs might require students to complete original research or submit a dissertation as part of their graduation requirements, additional coursework or practical training might also be components of a physician assistant doctorate program.

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