Hybrid Chiropractic Graduate Programs & Chiropractic Graduate Schools

Find hybrid chiropractic grad schools on GradSchools.com.  Search for hybrid format chiropractic master’s degree programs or hybrid format doctor of chiropractor. You can filter your results by location, format, and program level.

Some graduates of a  hybrid chiropractor graduate program might pursue potential career opportunities in independent or group practices, others might work in physical therapy centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing care facilities, or in hospitals

Hybrid chiropractor graduate program curriculums are designed to help students learn how to care for patients with health problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system.  Students in a hybrid chiropractic graduate school program will complete coursework in online and on-campus settings.  Hybrid chiropractor graduate programs may offer students the opportunity to enjoy both flexible class schedules and face to face interaction with their classmates and professors.

Earning a hybrid graduate degree from a chiropractic college may take several years of study to complete.  Students may engage in instructor lead coursework, practical training, and research while attending chiropractic graduate schools.

Hybrid chiropractic graduate programs may require students to engage in coursework that covers topics in diagnosis, clinical laboratory sciences, chiropractic philosophy, physiopathology, microbiology, public health, and diagnostic imaging.

Students in a hybrid chiropractic graduate program might also be required to complete hours of clinical rotations to gain hands on experience working with clients under the supervision of a licensed professional.

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