Hybrid Ph.D. Media Studies Doctorate Programs

Hybrid digital media doctorate programs provide students with the training necessary for careers in the fields of digital media. Best of all, hybrid classes blend two worlds: in-class social interactions among faculty and students that often provide a community and networking possibilities; and the flexibility and convenience of online coursework. In both learning arenas, graduate programs in digital media train students in both the theory and practice of digital media studies. Earning a Ph.D. media degree in this dynamic field may lead to career opportunities in as diverse areas as journalism, documentary and film, website design and maintenance, writing, and more. With skills gained from graduate media degrees, graduates can work in both the commercial and government sectors need trained individuals who have the skills learned in digital media doctorate degrees. 

You can find the best digital media graduate schools with hybrid courses for you by using our filters to search by location and specialization for your hybrid coursework. To learn more about hybrid Ph.D. digital media graduate programs at accredited colleges and universities, begin your search today!

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