Florida Online PhD in Mathematics and Statistics Programs

An Online PhD in Mathematics and Statistics Program may be worth considering for the for the working mathematician or analyst, or those who live too far geographically to commute to graduate school. With the rapid rise in digital data from mobile devises and internet, data management is undergoing change; new and advanced tools such as algorithms and analytics must be devised to handle things like cloud computing.[i] If you are a thought leader or aspire to an advanced research analyst or teaching position where a doctorate degree is required[ii] distance-learning may make an advanced degree more feasible.

Online PhD in Mathematics and Statistics: Program Basics

Online PhD in Mathematics and Statistics programs award students the highest level of academic achievement in their field, and indicate that they have contributed original research via a dissertation in their area of study. In some cases, prospective applicants to a PhD Math degree program must already have an master’s degree in that area, whether this is a master of science in math for an online Ph.D. in mathematics or master of science in statistics for a statistics Ph.D.; other programs may admit students with a related undergraduate degree. Some PhD programs may also have admittance-related GRE score requirements. The best option is to check with the graduate school to find out what their specific protocol entails; in some cases, computer science is an acceptable background although you may have some coursework to fill in.

FACT: Most statisticians have degrees in mathematics, economics, computer science, or another quantitative field. (BLS)[iii]

Types of Online PhD in Mathematics and Statistics Programs

Online PhD Programs may be available in actuarial science and financial engineering, mathematics and statistics and data analysis. This being said, some accredited programs may

actually not be fully online; in some cases, a program may require doctoral candidates to teach or perform research and thus require some on-campus attendance. However, some of the graduate coursework may be available online.

Potential Features of Online PhD Math and Statistics Programs

As a description, ‘online’ signifies that your coursework is delivered via Internet – usually a web portal or course management system. The same system is used to submit assignments. This feature provides the e-learner with some leeway to decide when to study or login, as well as from where. If you have reliable Internet and a computer this is pretty much all you need. Courses are usually prerecorded (but may be live streaming as well), so you can conveniently pause and rewind.

As previously stated, there may be some in-person requirements. Typically, a doctoral student meets with his or her research supervisor; in an online scenario you could do this via web chat or web camera, emails and so on. However, you should verify whether there are any meetings to attend on your campus or whether there are any intensives or internships that you have to factor in.

Potential PhD Curriculums

Curriculums vary depending on the graduate school and program. Typically, there is a core curriculum with additional coursework; exams follow. A consulting seminar or project may be involved as well as a foreign language in some cases. Course topics may include subjects such as:

  • Probability theory
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Applied statistics
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Stochastic processes
  • Mathematics of finance
  • Statistical methods in bioinformatics
  • Applied algebra

Take the Next Step

Earning your Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics online may make this advanced degree more accessible; study from wherever you have your computer set up, at the time of day that fits in with your other duties. With the rapid growth in data collection and an emphasis on cybersecurity and the need for new software, highly skilled workers are in demand[iv]. Why not meet this trend by taking the next academic step!

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