Online Phd in Marketing | Online PhD in Advertising

Now might be a great time to pursue your Phd in marketing online. Through an Online Doctorate in Marketing or Advertising program, you may be able to pursue advanced knowledge in your field without having to leave work or change your schedule. In most cases, you may design the times you access and complete your coursework around your own schedule and lifestyle. For many professionals, especially those juggling a full time job, families, and other commitments, an online education may be a flexible alternative.

Online education also may enable you to pursue program options throughout your state, country, and even the world. This may allow you to find a program that more closely meets your needs and helps you pursue your specific goals and objectives. Not to mention that online education can connect you with marketing professionals from around the globe.

To learn more about doctorate-level online marketing programs, read on!

What Online Doctorate Degrees in Marketing Might I Pursue?

Doctorate-level graduate programs in marketing typically fall into one of two categories: the Doctor of Philosophy (the PhD in marketing) or the Doctorate of Business Administration (the DBA in Marketing). While both of these online marketing degrees may prepare you for advanced positions in the fields of business and education, they typically serve slightly different functions.

PhD Programs in Marketing

Online PhD marketing programs are typically research-intensive and may help students develop their quantitative and qualitative research skills as applied to marketing and business theories and principles. Professionals commonly learn how to conduct empirical analysis in the field of marketing and may develop significant theoretical knowledge. Professionals with PhDs in marketing often pursue careers in academia working as teachers and researchers. Because of this, students in marketing PhD programs online may also complete significant coursework in teaching theory and methodology.

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Walden University

  • Liberty University Online

  • Northcentral University