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Now might be a great time to pursue your Phd in marketing online. Through an Online Doctorate in Marketing or Advertising program, you may be able to pursue advanced knowledge in your field without having to leave work or change your schedule. In most cases, you may design the times you access and complete your coursework around your own schedule and lifestyle. For many professionals, especially those juggling a full time job, families, and other commitments, an online education may be a flexible alternative.

Online education also may enable you to pursue program options throughout your state, country, and even the world. This may allow you to find a program that more closely meets your needs and helps you pursue your specific goals and objectives. Not to mention that online education can connect you with marketing professionals from around the globe.

To learn more about doctorate-level online marketing programs, read on!

What Online Doctorate Degrees in Marketing Might I Pursue?

Doctorate-level graduate programs in marketing typically fall into one of two categories: the Doctor of Philosophy (the PhD in marketing) or the Doctorate of Business Administration (the DBA in Marketing). While both of these online marketing degrees may prepare you for advanced positions in the fields of business and education, they typically serve slightly different functions.

Phd in Marketing Online

PhD Programs in Marketing

Online PhD marketing programs are typically research-intensive and may help students develop their quantitative and qualitative research skills as applied to marketing and business theories and principles. Professionals commonly learn how to conduct empirical analysis in the field of marketing and may develop significant theoretical knowledge. Professionals with PhDs in marketing often pursue careers in academia working as teachers and researchers. Because of this, students in marketing PhD programs online may also complete significant coursework in teaching theory and methodology.

Students typically earn their marketing PhD through three to six years of fulltime study, depending on individual course load and program. Toward the end of their program, they might complete a student teaching assignment or an apprenticeship with a professional in the field. They may also write a dissertation or take a comprehensive exam.

DBA Programs in Marketing

In online DBA marketing programs, students more commonly focus on developing knowledge of the theory and practical application of marketing. While many programs may teach students how to conduct research or teach, they typically do so assuming students will apply their skills in business settings. Students may also study leadership and management in great depth.

In most cases, students pursue their DBA in marketing over the course of three to six years of fulltime study. At the end of their program, they might participate in an apprenticeship, complete a capstone project (such as a dissertation or presentation), or take a comprehensive exam. Ever program is different, so be sure to check with the individual institution for specific requirement.

What Might I Study in an Online Doctorate in Marketing Degree Program?

In both DBA and PhD marketing programs, students typically complete core and elective coursework. The coursework may be designed to engage students in an in-depth study of core marketing theories, principles, and applications (along with research, teaching, and management methodologies), or it might fulfill the requirements of a particular track or specialization. Some examples of tracks and specializations include behavioral marketing, international marketing, marketing science, management, and quantitative research. Subjects students might study in core curricula include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Buying behavior
  • Sociology
  • Social and cognitive Psychology
  • Choice modeling
  • Research methodologies
  • Economics
  • Social media and marketing
  • Technology and marketing

As students engage with these and other subjects, they may do so within the context of providing education, management, and leadership in the field of marketing. Students might emerge from their programs with a firm grasp on marketing as a science, field, and discipline.

While online DBA and PhD programs in marketing might have many similarities, keep in mind that they might have some differences too. The online PhD in marketing is typically more research-intensive and might include additional coursework in subjects such as research methodologies, research topics, statistics, and data analysis. Students might also take more seminars and courses on teaching theories, principles, and methodologies.

Meanwhile, the online DBA in marketing is typically more focused on practical application in business settings. Therefore, students might spend more time studying subjects such as marketing theory and strategy, consumer behavior, marketing models and applications, and others. Students might also take several classes in providing management and leadership in business contexts.

As you look through PhD and DBA program options, keep in mind that the intentions of one or the other are not static. Either may help you pursue a career in business or education. Read through programs’ objectives and outcomes to determine whether or not their curricula, fieldwork, and other requirements might help meet your goals. And, know that some programs might offer a significant degree of flexibility in terms of selecting emphases, tracks, and even minors. Many programs attempt to tailor their programs to students’ unique backgrounds and career goals.

What Careers Might a Professional With a PhD or DBA in Marketing Purse?

Most commonly, students with DBAs in marketing pursue careers as marketing managers, leaders, or specialists in business. Meanwhile, students with marketing PhDs pursue careers as teachers and researchers in higher education. Despite these distinct career paths, the knowledge and skills gained in either type of program could translate to academic or business settings.

According to, students who work as teachers and researchers in higher education commonly teach, advise students, design curricula, create and administer assignments and lessons, assess students’ work, supervise graduate students, collaborate with colleagues and conduct and publish research.They might also apply their skills to business settings and help marketing managers conduct research on products and services and analyze marketing issues and challenges.

Marketing managers primarily “plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs.”They may also conduct research to identify potential customers, develop pricing strategies, determine demand for products and services, oversee product development, and monitor market trends. They might work as educators, researchers, or trainers in business settings or higher education (according to

Keep in mind that the field of marketing is quite broad and that there are many capacities in which you might work. Also, your skill-set, knowledge, and experience, combined with your degree and type of education, may ultimately influence your direction. Take time and care to determine which type of graduate degree in marketing might best help fulfill your goals. offers 6 Online Marketing & Advertising Doctorate – 7 Degree Programs

Browser below to see a list of programs that offer either an online PhD in marketing or an online Phd in Advertising. Read through the program titles below. When you find a program of interest, use the “Request Info” button to learn more. Your advanced online education in marketing awaits.

  • Liberty University Online

  • Walden University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Northcentral University