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Student who love traditional education might prefer to pursue on-campus doctorate in marketing programs. Doctorate in Marketing on-campus programs put professors and students face-to-face to explore advanced marketing, management, and research techniques in-person. For many students, in-person education may make learning easier and perhaps more enjoyable. On-campus programs also typically offer a set schedule with classes that start and end at specific times. This type of format can be quite supportive for students who prefer a more structured program. Top Schools with Campus Marketing & Advertising Doctorate Degrees*

Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 92+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 7:1
University of Rhode Island
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 2,972+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 17:1
University of Missouri - Columbia
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 7,633+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 20:1
University of Georgia
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 8,583+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 18:1

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What Types of Doctorate in Marketing On-Campus Degrees Might I Pursue?

Students who pursue a doctorate degree in marketing typically take one of two paths: that of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or that of the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

Phd in Marketing & Advertising Schools

PhD Programs in Marketing

Marketing PhD programs typically help students cultivate their knowledge of marketing and business theories and principles, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and conducting empirical analysis in the field of marketing. Students might also gain significant knowledge of theoretical applications and discover how to conduct research, teach students, and contribute their knowledge to the growing body of marketing research. PhD programs are usually particularly research-intensive.

Students commonly complete core and elective coursework in route to their PhDs. Toward the ends of their programs, they might take a comprehensive exam, write and defend a dissertation or other final project, and complete an apprenticeship or student teaching. In most cases, students earn their PhD in marketing through three to six years of fulltime study.

DBA Programs in Marketing

In DBA marketing programs, students commonly develop their knowledge of business and marketing theories and practical applications. They may learn how to conduct research, manage marketing departments and initiatives, and otherwise provide leadership. They might conclude their programs by taking a comprehensive exam, completing an apprenticeship, and submitting a final research project such as a dissertation. In most cases, students earn a DBA in marketing through three to six years of fulltime study.


EducationDynamics maintains business relationships with the schools it features.

What Might I Study in a Doctorate in Marketing Degree Program On Campus?

The primary curricula of DBA and PhD marketing programs include core and elective coursework, fieldwork, a comprehensive exam, and a research project. Depending on your major and specialization, your core curriculum may develop your knowledge and skillset in various areas of marketing science. You might study subjects such as marketing strategy, buying behavior, psychology (especially social and cognitive), sociology (especially the sociology of economies and choice), choice modeling, research methodologies, economics, and others. Through your program, you may gain a firm grasp on marketing as a field, discipline, and science.

Many programs may also enable you to select a track or specialization. Some examples of areas of specialization include marketing science, management, quantitative research, and behavioral marketing. If you pursue a particular track or specialization, you might take courses in more specific areas of marketing as part of your core curricula. Otherwise, you might emphasize areas of marketing through your elective courses or by pursuing a minor. Some subjects you might study through elective coursework or as part of your minor include international marketing, economics, organization management, technology, social media, and others.

As PhD programs are typically more research-intensive, the core curricula may include more in-depth study in subjects such as data analysis, research topics, statistics, and research methodologies. Marketing science and practical application may still be important, but could serve as a secondary focus. In many PhD programs, you’ll likely take seminars on teaching methodologies and also participate in student teaching.

In a DBA program, you’re likely to focus more on marketing and management principles, theories, and applications with a secondary focus on teaching and research. You might study subjects such as marketing models, marketing theory and strategy, consumer behavior, and numerous others. You might also study theories and principles of management and leadership in depth.

Many doctorate in marketing on campus programs—whether PhD or DBA—strive to submerse students in the concepts, theories, principles, and research methodologies that guide marketing practice, management, and development. Students may emerge from their programs ready to pursue positions as managers, teachers, researchers, or specialized practitioners in the field of marketing. The goal of many programs is to give students the knowledge and skillsets they need to work effectively, efficiently, and productively in the field.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of what you might study in a PhD or DBA in marketing program. As you look through Doctorate in Marketing on Campus program options, keep in mind that every program is different and what you ultimately study as part of a PhD or DBA depends entirely on the program, its goals and objectives, and even your personal preferences. Many programs may offer a degree of flexibility through tracks, specializations, elective coursework, and minors so students can design their program according to their backgrounds and career goals.

What Careers Might a Professional With a PhD or DBA in Marketing Pursue?

Despite some of the similarities between DBA and PhD marketing programs, they are mostly designed to help students pursue careers in two different areas: business and education. As we’ve mentioned, professionals with DBA degrees often pursue careers as managers or specialists who conduct practical application and research in businesses to help them succeed. Meanwhile, professionals with PhD degrees often pursue careers as teachers and researchers at colleges and universities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, educators and researchers at colleges and universities teach, assist students, create and administer curricula, assess students’ work, advise students, supervise graduate students, collaborate with colleagues, conduct and publish research, and more (yes, teachers are busy!).

Meanwhile, marketing managers primarily “plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs."They may also identify potential customers, develop pricing strategies, determine demand for products and services, oversee product development, and monitor market trends (according to

Keep in mind as you consider whether to pursue a PhD or DBA in marketing that your experience, knowledge, and skill-set may ultimately influence your career path. So too might the specific goals and objectives of your doctorate degree program. Reading through Doctorate in Marketing on Campus program outcomes may help determine which might be perfect for you. offers 1 Campus Marketing & Advertising Doctorate Degree Programs

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