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PhD in Marketing Online programs could enable busy and at-work students to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer behavior. Coursework might enhance one’s professional leadership style and foster an ability to apply data-driven strategies to help an organization create a competitive edge. Participants might also develop skills in sales, research and promotional techniques that might be applied to digital, global or domestic markets.

Explore Doctorate in Marketing Online Degrees

There are two types of Doctorate in Marketing Online programs that students could consider. These are: (1) DBA in Marketing (2) PhD in Marketing. Both are terminal degrees, though usually set up with distinct requirements. Explore the unique features of these programs and measure them against personal and professional goals.

Phd in Marketing Online Programs written by Rana Waxman

Online DBA in Marketing Programs

DBA marketing online programs are applied doctoral degrees in Business Administration. A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program is often designed for experienced professionals who want to gain a more expert grasp of business and managerial practices.

Many programs could help students build managerial skills on top of theory and applied research in marketing. Also, students may have the opportunity to investigate a topic they are enthusiastic about for their final dissertation. In this project, a participant might conduct extensive review of current literature and proven methods to problem solve a real-world issue.

Students in online DBA marketing programs could learn key marketing concepts. In some universities, students may need to complete 60 credits. Component parts could include the DBA core, marketing core, and research core. All students are typically required to fulfill 15 credit hours of research requirements as well.

7 DBA in marketing online (potential) course topics.

  1. Market segmentation
  2. Marketing channels
  3. Competitive intelligence
  4. Integrated Marketing communications
  5. Global marketing
  6. Research analysis in marketing
  7. Emerging issues in business/marketing

Coursework often focuses as well on the development of writing and critical-thinking skills at the doctoral level. As such, participants might gain the skills and expertise needed to succeed in an international marketplace. From knowledge about how to leverage strategies in global marketing to international pricing. Other courses might focus on product development and commercialization geared towards insight about buyer behavior.

Online PhD Marketing Programs

An online PhD in Marketing is a terminal degree in Business Administration. The emphasis in marketing typically focuses on marketing management and research. As a research-oriented degree, students are usually expected to contribute new scholarly insights to their field of study through a final scholarly dissertation.

To this end, some online Marketing PhD programs might provide strong dissertation preparation and supportive courses in doctoral level writing. As well, course plans could feature advanced business research methodologies, on target advances in marketing research methods and a heavy emphasis on economics and business statistics.

Participants in Marketing PhD online programs may have the opportunity to focus on research-based leadership strategies to tackle some of today’s challenges. Through in-depth coursework and inquiry, participants could hone their ability to think decisively and analytically as business leaders.

In their coursework, students might need to complete 60 credit hours out of which 15 credit hours could be devoted to the marketing courses. These courses could aim to have students broadly explore strategies for a sound, systematic, ethical and legal approach to modern marketing practices and research theory.

Participants might also learn how to assess and evaluate buyer needs and wants. Then, study current methods to construct advertising tactics that aim to establish quality goods or services and drive customer loyalty.

7 PhD in marketing online (potential) course topics.

  1. Marketing management
  2. Strategic service marketing
  3. Strategic sales force marketing
  4. Customer relationship management strategies
  5. Advertising and promotion strategies
  6. Consumer behavior theory and practice
  7. Brand and product management.

Preview Sample Online Marketing Doctorate Coursework

There may be some overlap in Doctorate in Marketing online coursework, though certainly topics generally vary between schools. Since a curriculum could provide a window into the heart of a program focus, make sure to refer to individual programs to see what they are all about before you apply.

Marketing Research: Students could survey marketing research methods in the context of understanding competitive opportunities, new product development, and ways to position a product or service in the marketplace. Emphasis could be placed on how to use public databases, spot trends and identify new areas that could be developed.

Consumer Behavior: Students could learn about what drives buyers and how to link this insight with product placement. Course topics might discuss individual behavior and the psychology of choice, the motivation to buy, and how to maintain satisfaction after purchase.

Business-to-business (B2B) Marketing: Students could focus on B2B marketing methods and strategies, customer acquisition and relationship building. Apart from theory, this type of course might discuss aspects of online promotion and advertising and communications strategies to promote online initiatives.

Digital Technology and Consumer Behavior: Students might explore current practices in digital communications in the context of integrated marketing communications.

Economics for Business Decisions: Students could develop the skills and competencies needed to be able to apply microeconomic principles to solve business problems.

Strategic Innovation in Marketing: Students could learn to apply requisite knowledge of marketing concepts, such as the marketing mix, differentiation, and branding for focused markets as essentials for market audit data analysis.

Why Earn a Doctorate Degree in Marketing Online?

Students who seek a convenient and flexible way to earn a degree might choose to work towards their Doctorate in Marketing online. Many programs are 100% online though some do entail brief residencies. These could suit various purposes. For one, a chance to meet faculty and other network with other participants in a live setting. Also, to attend seminars which may be designed to help students with their dissertation.

Many online programs offer the ability to take courses either on-the-go (laptop, mobile device) or from a desktop computer. This could allow individuals to schedule school around life not the other way around.

Another potential perk to online Marketing doctoral programs is that some offer multiple start dates. Students might therefore progress through their program in a self-paced manner, as long as assignments are handed in when agree upon.

Though participants may work on their own timeframe, this does not mean there is no interaction or support. Today’s universities could have extensive online resources, whether this means career services, databases, tech support and student advisors and mentors.

Beyond, this, some universities may offer students transfer credits for past work experience, which might help to accelerate time-to-degree. offers 6 Online Marketing & Advertising Doctorate – 7 Degree Programs

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