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As the business sector evolves, Doctorate in Marketing Schools could help individuals prepare to take the lead in large scale integrated marketing campaigns. A Marketing Doctorate course plan could have students study key concepts such as price theory, target audience and brand strategy. At the same time, students might hone skills as critical thinkers as they devote effort to their own research projects. Top Schools with Campus Marketing Doctorate Degrees*

Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 86+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 6:1
Syracuse University
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 6,752+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 15:1
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - N/A
Student / Teacher Ratio - N/A
University of Pennsylvania
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - N/A
Student / Teacher Ratio - N/A

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Doctorate in Marketing Schools: Overview

Doctorate in Marketing Schools frequently offer programs through their school of business. Since marketing is the heart of business operations, students might be in for a well-rounded course load that could include management theories. Graduates could also learn to make data-driven business decisions based on market research and consumer behavior. Plus, on-campus programs might provide a more personal interaction with instructors and other students in real time.

Within these universities, two main terminal degree outcomes may be available: (1) DBA and (2) PhD in Marketing. Sometimes the courses overlap, however other requirements, especially in terms of the type of research one might perform, could shine a light on some key differences between programs.

Phd in Marketing Schools

To apply into Doctorate in Marketing schools often requires students to have a masters degree and some experience. These standards are set by each university, so a good rule of thumb is to look at the specifics on a school’s ‘admission requirements’ page. Then, gather documents so you could smoothly apply online.


EducationDynamics maintains business relationships with the schools it features.

DBA in Marketing Programs

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an applied doctorate. A focus in marketing could have students take an in-depth look at marketing challenges from a real-world managerial context.

Many of the graduate schools with DBA in Marketing programs require students to complete a total of 60 to 72 credits. Credits could be distributed to research requirements (E.g. 15 credits), core business courses (E.g. 18 credits), concentration (E.g. 12 credits), electives (E.g. 3 credits) and doctoral research (E.g. 12 credits). Make sure to refer to individual schools to see how they plan out their programs.

In terms of research, this could translate differently in each school. Frequently, it means that students conduct an extensive review of current evidence (literature, research) and use it to problem solve. This is often put together in a final dissertation per university guidelines.

Some of the courses that might assist students to conduct their independent projects could include a variety of methods and analyses of quantitative and qualitative research. Plus, there is often a course in doctoral level writing.

Business core courses often span all the functional areas of management and operations. These courses could provide insight into organizational behavior, overall marketing strategy, corporate and global finance. Importantly, students might also learn how to form, implement and evaluate strategy.

Course topics devoted purely to marketing practices could cover a wide spectrum of elements. From knowledge in market research to advertising, promotions, and buyer behavior proven practices. While each school with a DBA in Marketing has a unique course list to assess, below is a general list.

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Channels
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Product Development and Commercialization

At the same time, participants might gain the skills and knowhow to leverage strategies in global marketing and international pricing. Elements that are important for successful campaigns that help drive organizational growth and client loyalty.

Some DBA degree program students might pursue full-time or part-time teaching opportunities in a variety of college-level settings. The depth and breadth of graduate course work required by such institutions vary.

PhD in Marketing Programs

A PhD in Marketing is a research doctorate. Students often seek out a Marketing PhD program where they want to study under a specific professor-mentor or collaborate in active faculty research projects.

Through rigorous practice, participants might learn to expertly navigate the scientific process as they define concrete research questions and develop plans to answer those questions. Thus,

Marketing PhD students might develop as thought leaders who might uncover and tackle the interesting research questions that have yet to be answered.

PhD students frequently focus extensively on issues that relate to research design, measurement and scaling, and data collection. Course plans may enable students to learn a variety of research approaches that allow them to develop their own personalized methods and techniques.

That stated, Marketing PhD programs are often fairly flexible, despite some compulsory topics.

Doctoral-level courses in marketing could introduce students to advanced concepts in research methodology, statistics, and the psychology of marketing. Some potential classes might cover topics such as the examples below. Usually, these are delivered through seminars and lectures.

  • Marketing Models
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Behavioral Marketing

Students may also get to select a focal area such as analytical modeling or empirical analysis. Either way, this type of program may help students find their scholarly voice through a final written dissertation.

Why a Doctorate in Marketing?

Marketing doctoral programs could prepare graduates to pursue diverse career possibilities. Some may want to remain in academia to teach the next generation of marketers.

Per the BLS, postsecondary teachers at 4-year colleges and universities typically need a doctoral degree (PhD) in their field. Depending on the career interests of the student and their specific educational background, students may want to consider using elective credit hours in the academic discipline in which they hope to teach.

Others might look to conduct doctoral level market research into areas such as demographics, social influence and consumer behavior. Per the BLS, employment of market research analysts is projected to grow 23 percent from 2016 to 2026, and those with a masters degree in market research, marketing, statistics, or business administration are expected to have favorable prospects. iiIf this is your goal, a DBA might build solid applied research skills and build on existing strengths.

You might guide your choice of program based on any career goals and/or speak to an advisor for extra insight. offers 1 Campus Marketing Doctorate Degree Programs

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