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Online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations (PR) programs could take students on a challenging journey rich in analytic research methods. Thanks to web-based learning technology, course content is typically accessible 24/7. Delivered in this convenient format, professional students could set their own schedule. Without the distraction of a commute or the upheaval of relocating for the duration of the PhD program. Top Schools with Online Advertising & Public Relations Doctorate Degrees*

Online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations (PR) Programs: Basic Info

Apart from the flexibility to study on a computer or tablet, online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations (PR) programs represent the highest academic awards for those who want to conduct scholarly research. To this point, PhD students often receive detailed instruction about the research process. How to accurately cite sources, use references and write with precision.

Many programs are planned-out to be both broad and malleable to student interests. With their robust emphasis on thought leadership, online doctorate in public relations programs typically build both a generalist’s point of view and field-specific expertise.

Course plans might, for instance, encourage students to draw upon the full range and interests of the university faculty. Learners may also have the opportunity to extend their reach into courses from within the entire department and also, across other departments in the university.

Regardless of major, there are usually three features of doctoral study: coursework, comprehensive exams, and independent scholarly research leading to a dissertation. The proportion of each type of study may vary according to the previous education of the individual student and the nature of the major area.

Some grad schools may also offer eligible incoming students

support in the form of teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships and university fellowships as well as funds for conference presentations. An academic advisor may be a helpful resource for more information.

FACT: The average employee age in public relations, advertising and strategic communication is forty, according to Data USA.

How long is an online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations?

The time it takes to complete a PhD online is varied. One reason for this is that each school may assess the courses a student took in their masters program to determine how applicable they are to the PhD curriculum.

That stated, many PhD programs in advertising and PR provide a range of from 4 to 7 years. Few suggest that students might need about 2 to 3 years of full time study, though applicants may have a masters degree in advertising when they begin.

If in doubt about the commitment, do some digging to see what alumni of the program report. Decide how much time you could devote (part-time, full-time) to your studies. Then ask your choice of schools to calibrate expectations.

Application Information

Just like other requirements, each university has its own application process and criteria for admission to online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations programs. Often, programs are built to expand on masters-level knowledge, though some programs may accept a bachelors degree as the minimum education.

Applicants commonly send official transcripts with a completed form and fee. An essay about personal goals, professional resume and reference letters are fairly common too. GRE scores and masters thesis are required by several universities but perhaps, not all. Ultimately, your chosen university is the bottom-line resource for these and other details. Make sure to check with them and keep track of deadlines and program start dates.

Explore Online PhD Programs in Advertising and Public Relations

Picking the perfect online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations for you is important since fascinating courses could keep you motivated and on-track. We explore a few types of programs that may be offered in this category below.

Online PhD in Advertising

An online PhD in Advertising program could lend itself to a well-rounded course plan, replete with studies in communication, human behavior, marketing and culture. The major often consists of a slew of dynamic topics which differ in each grad school.

For instance, business focused programs in advertising might cover topics such as sales, strategy, PR and promotions. Equally, there may be other programs which could delve into design, art and production. A few other sample topics follow.

  • Copywriting
  • Print Production
  • Publishing
  • Technical Writing

PhD advertising candidates typically complete core courses in advertising theory as well as advanced courses in relevant areas. In some schools, students need to complete about 75 credit hours beyond the bachelors degree. Thus a “typical” program might be designed similar to the sample below.

  • Core - Advertising 30 hours
  • Concentration #2 15 hours
  • Concentration #3 15 hours
  • Concentration #4 15 hours

Within the core courses, students may be expected to take several Advertising Theory courses, Advertising Research seminars, and consecutive semesters of an Advertising Research Practicum.

This research practicum might provide the student with an opportunity to do graduate level research under the direction of a faculty member. It usually takes place before students begin their own dissertation and may be useful to glean first-hand knowledge of the journal submission and review process.

Online PhD in Communication

An online PhD in Communication might ready students to make an impact whether as a listener, writer, speaker or thought leader. Courses might expose participants to a full menu of topics from the historical roots of communication to modern trends and theories.

Participants might study at the intersection of media, technology and social advocacy. In some schools, PhD students might explore at length any recent scholarship, published research and issues in all areas within the communication and arts fields.

A core degree plan might also draw heavily on social science research methods and statistics, as well as other qualitative research methods used in the study of communication of all genres. These methods aim to help students analyze the complex links among various players. News media, entertainment media, digital communications, nonprofit organizations, government, and business.

In tandem with research and scholarship, students might have the opportunity to create, promote, and evaluate media projects and communication initiatives. See below for some sample course topics.

  • Communication Theory
  • Seminar in Public Relations Management
  • Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
  • Media Law and Policy
  • Media Theory

Some PhD in Communication online programs might also include a teaching seminar for MFA and PHD candidates. Here they might receive instruction in how to manage a classroom, structure a curriculum and present class lectures.

Online PhD in Public Relations

An online PhD in Public Relations could discuss various media platforms and cultural studies to ready graduates with a diverse range of research and project management skills. Students may also engage in lots of critical discourse analysis across multiple theoretical and applied areas. For instance, a course in social media might aim to uncover how it changes intimacy and social relationships. Or how technology affects personal life. Some other potential areas of inquiry are listed below.

  • Journalism and Data Journalism
  • Rhetoric of Economics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • National Identity
  • Gender, Media and Culture.

While in their program, online Public Relations PhD students might have the chance to present papers at conferences, write articles for academic journals and contribute to publications. Additionally, some programs may provide students with the opportunity to enroll in a Teaching in Higher Education qualification program. This may allow students to also host undergraduate and postgraduate seminars.

Craft a Compelling Career Trajectory

Graduates of online PhD in Advertising and Public Relations (PR) programs might pursue a variety of career paths, one of which may be to teach what they know.

Per O’Net, over half of Marketing Professors (66%) report they have a doctoral degree; 5% report post-doctoral training. This data includes both teachers primarily engaged as educators, and those who meld teaching with research.

Employment of post-secondary business teachers is projected to grow by 18% per the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the period from 2016 to 2026. They list an average annual salary based on May 2017 data at $80,300 for this group.iv offers Online Advertising & Public Relations Doctorate Degree Programs

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