On-Campus Ph.D. Technical Communications Doctorate Programs

Considering an on-campus Ph.D. in Technical Communications? Why choose a campus-based grad school? It can be a great way to build your professional and social contacts and take advantage of campus services like career planning or tutoring. 

Pursuing a campus-based technical writing doctorate programs may be the right option for you. Completing a technical writing Ph.D. degree may help qualify you for a role as a technical writer. What does that entail? Technical communicators create how-to-manuals, operating instructions, assembly instructions and other materials to help technical support staff, consumers and other users. This involves duties like determining the needs of the audience for the documentation; studying product samples and talking with developers; using photos, drawings, diagrams and animation to help aid understanding; and working with technical staff to make products easier to use. Learn more about local college campuses with the best technical writing doctorate programs today!

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