Juris Doctor Law Programs in Saskatchewan

What is a Doctor of Jurisprudence?

If you are interested in an education in legal studies, the basic law grad program is called the Juris Doctor, also known as the Doctor of Jurisprudence. The Juris Doctor (J.D.) is a professional doctorate and first professional graduate degree in law school. Many people who hold this Degree are professionals who are committed to a career of practicing the law. They may choose to focus their practice on criminal law, tort, family or corporate law, as well as other areas of specialization. There a different types of JD Law Programs.

JD Law Programs  in  Saskatchewan

Types of JD Law Programs

When choosing a JD program, you will want to consider your goals and the strengths of each program. For example you might want a program with relationships with big firms or local law offices (depending on your career goals). You may be interested in social justice or environmental law. Or you may have interest in family law and want a program that emphasizes those areas.

Are you ready to start looking into accredited JD Law Graduate programs? GradSchools.com makes this search a simple one. First of all, you can determine where the campus JD programs are available by performing a location search. Just select a popular city, state or country. You may also consider a joint degree program such as a MBA/JD or MSW/JD program.

Of course, there are many options for this classic academic program. Start your search for an accredited Law Grad Program. Begin pursuing your Juris Doctor Degree soon!

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