Doctorates and PhDs in German

While studying for a doctorate in German, students could pursue a career in research work or as an instructor of the language. If the language and history of Germany interests you, why not pursue this graduate degree?

Earning a German language doctorate degree does more than just prepare you to be a German language teacher, it also may open up potential for jobs in fields as diverse as art and journalism. There are many transferable skills from working in a German doctroate program. There are many transferable skills from being a graduate of German studies, for example, bolstering your editing, translating, interpreting, and cultural management skills.

Pinpoint your search for a German language doctorate program by searching according to the degree type that you wish to pursue. You can also specialize in the field by earning a Doctorate Degree in Germanic Languages and Literature. 

The humanities are a broad discipline, and a German language degree might provide the basis for a fantastic career or enhance your life and other career choices. Start your search for a German doctorate degree program now and find the perfect program for you!

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