Online Doctorate in International Business Programs

More easily access courses in global leadership and cross-border trade issues through PhD in International Business Online Programs. The field of IB focuses on transactions between different countries as well as managerial challenges faced in multi-national companies.

written by Rana Waxman

Types of PhD in International Business Online Programs

PhD in International Business online programs are research-focused doctorates. In these programs, students are frequently tasked to contribute new insight to the field through scholarly projects. For this reason, most international business PhD programs include a broad set of required classes in research methods. Applied doctoral degrees such as a Doctor of Management (DM) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in International Business also engage inquisitive learners with research. However, commonly, the aim of their work is to make use of the existing body of knowledge to problem solve in their field of expertise. Doctorate in international business programs might require applicants to have earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree. The specifics of admission vary, however, so it is important to refer to individual schools to see their standards. Beyond the Masters degree, some programs may take about years of full time study to complete, although credits and length vary.

What Do You Study in International Business?

Course plans might expose candidates to various areas of global business such as marketing, investments, financial analysis, strategic planning and resource management. That stated, schools have unique course names and different faculty bring their own experience and insights. International Business: With the reality of global interdependence, today’s managers may need to complete in a variety of environments. This course might look at the economic, political, technological and cultural settings that managers navigate through the lens of functional areas in business. Environment of International Business: This type of course could provide in-depth points of view about the nature of IB and the environment in which it is conducted. Topics of inquiry could include international trade, foreign direct investment and the relationship between international organizations and international business. Students might also learn about the international monetary system, and international environmental forces (socio-cultural, natural resources, economic, political, legal, financial, labor). Global Financial Markets: This course might provide an overview of international financial markets and how they operate and interrelate. Students might build critical skills to evaluate how an international business might raise capital to fund projects in a foreign market. Developing Global Markets: Students might explore an organizational analysis framework within which a firm’s market-based global operations could be analyzed, understood, and undertaken. Particular focus may be placed on international competitive strategy, the assessment of global markets, modes of entry, workforce planning and development, and global operations and supply chain management.

Online PhD in International Business

An online PhD in International Business could expose students to research-based leadership strategies. Participants might explore theories on how multinational and international organizations meet the new challenges of the global economy. Apart from research tactics, PhD candidates might take courses that draw from multiple areas. For example, a course in global business could discuss the features of international commerce, trade, and worldwide cultural and economic influences. See below for some sample topics.
  • Global Strategy
  • Comparative Country Selection
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
Through their coursework and diligent research, graduates might learn how to assess links between the overall international scene and business decisions. A final dissertation is usually where findings are presented and learners form solutions to problems identified in the latest business research.
DID YOU KNOW? Business Continuity Global Directors need an ability to think critically, identify large scale problems, evaluate options and apply solutions.
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