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Doctorate in International Business Schools provide the highest level of education in global leadership and management. Today’s businesses continue to expand their operations beyond their home borders. With a PhD in international business, students might develop the key insights and skills necessary for understanding and engaging with the global economy.

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Total Enrollments - 3,346+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 28:1
Temple University
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Total Enrollments - 10,021+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 15:1
University of Surrey
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University of Texas-Pan American
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What Programs Do Doctorate in International Business Schools Offer?

Students who are drawn to research could look for a PhD program. Individuals who are more interested in refining executive skills might turn to a Doctor of Management (DM) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) International Business Program.

What Is International Business About?

International Business comprises a wide scope of all commercial transactions that take place between two or more regions, countries or nations beyond their respective political borders. This could involve private and governmental communication, commercial sales, business investments, logistics / distribution, transportation and cultural diversity.

International Business vs. Domestic Business

Domestic business refers to trade transactions within a nation's borders. This means that the trader deals only with local currency,

customs, and regulations. Though international business is often provided as a focal area within the larger context of business administration and management, coursework is likely to zoom in on linked economies and policies.

International Business Seminar Topics

Curricula for international business PhD could include content from several disciplines. Core topics could expose participants to classes in economics, management, group dynamics and quantitative research methods in a core program.

These basics might help students stay abreast of current theories, research and practices. Things like how to head a globally dispersed team and navigate linked economies.

Then, an individual might select a secondary emphasis in standard business fields—such as accounting, finance, information systems, management and marketing to anchor their independent research.

For a PhD program, the research is often scholarly. Candidates may be asked to come up with original insight to add to their field. By contrast, DM and DBA in International Business programs might ask students to conduct in-depth literature review and apply their findings to solve a business challenge.

58% of Research Analysts have a Doctorate Degree. 

International Business vs. Domestic Business

Wondering whether a doctorate in international business is different from a focus in domestic business? As the name suggest, international business management highlights the exchange of goods and services among individuals and businesses in multiple countries.

Its scope is wide, so one might study trade agreements such as NAFTA as well as strategic planning and resource management. By contrast Domestic business refers to trade transactions within a nation's borders. This means that the trader deals only with the national economy, local currency, customs, and regulation.


EducationDynamics maintains business relationships with the schools it features.

DM - Doctor of Management: Global Leadership

A Doctorate in Management with a concentration in Global Leadership program could provide an in-depth look at management theories and their applications in global and culturally diverse organizations and businesses. Graduates could be prepared to think and act strategically as well as contribute to their chosen area of managerial expertise.

At partner school, Colorado Technical University, a DM in Global Leadership is a research-intensive program with 2 research and writing courses as well as coursework in qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic research methods and design.

Candidates might need to complete a total of 96 credits. In addition to 66 management credits and 30 global leadership credits, there are compulsory residencies twice a year. To culminate their DM degree, students might select either a dissertation or a series of publishable papers.

Program participants could study the challenges that arise when various cultural and ethnical values are melded for the purposes of conducting cross-cultural business. One key topic that might kick off the program is a course in management theory where students could discuss organizational behavior more at-length.

Other courses could have students study process consulting, intervention theory and practice, and leadership strategies for global corporate executives. Further courses could cover the following.

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Management and Ethics
  • Trans-Organizational Leadership

Applicants to CTU’s DM program may need a Masters degree however, the school does provide an option for eligible students to complete a CTU MBA or MSM in tandem with their Doctorate degree. For more details refer to the CTU.

DBA- Doctor of Business Administration in International Business

A Doctor of Business Administration is an applied doctorate where students could look into a school with a concentration in International Business.

Students enrolled in a DBA program typically complete a set of business core topics and a designated concentration. Research methods, statistics and writing courses often round out the course of study. Electives, an international project, qualifying exam and doctoral research may be required.

Core business topics aim to help students develop expertise in holistic management, operations decisions and strategy. Participants could also study corporate and global finance and marketing with an eye to understand global challenges.

Typical Coursework

At partner school, Argosy, DBA students could take the following courses to complete their concentration.

  • Global Management Models
  • Comparative Economics
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Business Law and Practices

Applicants may need some management experience and a Masters degree. Contact schools for details.

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in International Business

As a terminal research degree, an International Business PhD program could engage students with some organized study followed by an independent research phase. Seminars often complement research projects, and students might choose minor fields of emphasis. Areas such as finance, information technology, or marketing.

While course content varies, some PhD programs emphasize management as it is practiced and interpreted across organizations, sectors, and cultures. At the same time, students might build solid research and teaching skills.

In order to receive a PhD degree, students must usually need to successfully complete course modules, then pass the Doctoral Examination (Comprehensive Exam). Doctorate in International Business schools might also require students to have credits of publication that cover the area of their dissertation research. Candidates then need to prepare and defend their dissertation, which could be done in front of a panel.

Applicants to PhD in Business Administration programs may need a Masters degree with some senior management experience. Refer to individual schools to see their admission criteria.

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations

A PhD in International Relations is a research focused doctorate that could primarily address linked topics from sociology, anthropology and communications disciplines. Secondary customized majors might include international economics as well as human rights, law and public policy.

While international business could cover the technical aspects of moving products and services or creating a PR campaign that will appeal to foreign markets, international relations could cover the processes that take place to facilitate business. Things such as foreign trade policy and diplomacy.

Consequently, in addition to research tools and methods, course content might have PhD candidates study political science topics. Course lists vary, but some sample topics might include the following.

  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • International Security and Foreign Policy

Applicants may need a Masters degree with some prerequisite knowledge in political theory, statistics and social science research methods. Check with individual schools for details.

Why Choose a Campus International Business PhD Program?

Students could look for Doctorate in International Business Schools locally, in another city or state, and even abroad.

Candidates who pursue their doctorate degree on campus might have the chance to meet classmates from all over which could enhance worldview, and possibly, cross-cultural skills. Plus, many students appreciate the personal touch of real-time interactions, live lectures and on-site office hours.

Faculty often mentor PhD students who may collaborate with them on active projects. While no two grad schools for international business have the same facilities, students might have the opportunity to tap into any research centers and local partners affiliated with their campus.

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