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Doctorate in Management Information Systems on Campus Programs Overview

Doctorate in Management Information Systems on Campus​ programs are designed for graduate students and experienced business professionals seeking to deepen their expertise and knowledge of leadership, advanced decision-making, theory, and applied research.  Through coursework, seminars and research methodology, students develop expertise in information systems management, and become skilled at navigating the challenges facing technology-based businesses. With the knowledge and proficiencies to help align business needs with IT solutions, graduates are able to identify new applications for technology, leverage technological solutions, and potentially augment their organization’s competitive position in the marketplace.

Campus Information Systems Doctorate Degree Information

There may be different admissions requirements from school to school. Depending on the program, a prerequisite for an on-campus PhD in Information Technology program may be a Bachelors degree in technology or business, a master’s or MBA; verify with the school you are considering. Some schools may also require students to take a preliminary exam on requisite concepts. As with other doctorate programs, there may be seminars, coursework and a dissertation required.

Potential Advantages to Campus-Based PhD in MIS Programs

Pursuing a doctorate in Information Systems on-campus gives you onsite access the University facilities, from their educational technology, libraries, and gymnasiums to experienced faculty members. One of the potential perks is that since some PhD candidates may be working in technology or business related jobs, you may have an opportunity to expand your networks, or possibly brainstorm with other brilliant doctoral students.

If you are ready to review listings on, you may want to begin with a location search; use the

city, state or country tabs to decide where a PhD program that aligns with your interests may be found. Some of these choices might include: DBA Information Systems Management, Doctorate of Computer Science-Enterprise Information Systems, or PhD in Library and Information Management.

Doctorate in Management Information Systems on Campus Degree Potential Curriculum

PhD Management Information Systems Programs incorporate research methodology, seminars, and courses in both business and information technology-related subjects. Some of the potential coursework that students might explore may include:

Business topics:

  • Operations Management
  • Global supply chain management
  • Decision support systems
  • Information Technology Management
  • IT data communications management
  • Economics
  • Organizational theory
  • Managerial economics
  • Present-day MIS topics
  • Innovation Management

Information systems topics:

  • MIS specialization
  • Software development
  • Advanced MIS research methodologies
  • Statistical methods for business research
  • Present-day MIS topics
  • Database administration
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Network Architecture

Career Trends in Information Systems Management

While a PhD does not guarantee a certain position, your expertise may help you advance in a current role or help you qualify for a position previously unavailable. Some of the potential career paths might include:

  • Academia
  • Research
  • Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers

One of the trends that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports is that the increase in the popularity of cloud computing may result in firms outsourcing services from on-premise IT departments to cloud-computing companies. What this could mean is that firms engaged in computer systems design and related services will need qualified leaders. As a result, employment for computer and information systems managers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.[i]

Ready to Pursue a Doctorate in Management Information Systems on Campus?

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