United States Ph.D. Transportation Engineering & Management Graduate Campus Programs

Transportation doctorate programs are designed to prepare a student for different career paths within the field of transportation engineering. In a transportation engineering doctorate program, students study the practical and financial elements that go into managing public forms of transportation, such as buses and trains. There may be opportunities to explore topics such as purchasing, distribution and business management principles, along with logistics, policy-making and transportation funding. If you are passionate about mathematics, science, engineering, and transportation, we’ll help you start your search for the perfect transportation doctorate degree.

Most campus transportation engineering and management Doctorate Programs have admission requirements. Other campus transportation doctorate programs are designed to help graduates develop and apply advanced skills and understanding in the field of transportation. There are different transportation engineering degree types at the doctorate level such as a Doctorate in Transportation Engineering, or a Doctorate in Highway and Transportation, or Ph.D. degree in Transportation and Logistics (TL).

Filter your search for transportation grad schools and transportation doctorate campus programs by location, whether you wish to study more locally or internationally. Find the right graduate school with a transportation engineering doctorate program and begin your path to this exciting career!

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