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If you are at the point in your career in education ...

administration where you are ready to cultivate the skills and gain the leadership competencies and practical knowledge to advance into a senior management role, consider enrolling in a Hybrid Doctorate in Higher Education Program. The learning format combines online and on campus coursework. It may be appealing to working professionals or adults with families who need a flexible way to balance learning with other factors.  The web based component means you study, research and stay connected to peers and faculty via online tools, allowing you to work independently. The campus component gives you the benefit of face-to-face interactions and networking, plus access to the on libraries, and other facilities.

Hybrid Higher Education Doctorate Career Growth such as PostSecondary Education Administration has easy to use search tools. Determine where Hybrid Doctorate in Higher Education Administration programs is offered using the location tabs. Or browse listings by scrolling through. Some of this search will yield results such as Higher Education Leadership – PhD, and Doctoral of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education.

PhD in Higher Education Administration might be right for someone considering a management role in a school or university, teaching at an advanced level, shaping policy or conducting research. EdD in Higher education programs are geared to working professionals in the field of education and organizational leadership who aspire to advance their knowledge in human learning and educational institutions.

In general, these programs aim to provide students with a strong background in educational research and educational leadership so that they are prepared for formal leadership roles in an educational or related organization. At the doctorate level, specialization in one area, such as leadership of universities is a wise idea, as it gives your career a clear focus, and you learn specific proficiencies that might set you up for success.  Some of the specializations might include Higher education administration and policy, student affairs or finance and economics of higher education or post-secondary organizational leadership.

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Education Administrators have many titles. For instance:  Academic Affairs Dean, Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Dean, Admissions Director, College President, Dean, Dean of Students, Financial Aid Director, Provost, Registrar. These roles require individuals who are knowledgeable in an array of areas including:

Customer and Personal Service – being able to assess needs, meet standards and deliver customer satisfaction

Administration and Management – knowing the business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership and human resources modeling

English Language – advanced communication skills, written and oral

Education and Training – principles and procedures for curriculum design, teaching and instruction, as well as measuring results

Personnel and Human Resources - principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, labor relations and negotiation

These are roles in which one is expected to supervise staff, schedule activities, develop operating strategies, prepare financial documents and direct facility maintenance projects. Most of these occupations require graduate school, and some require a Ph.D. as extensive skill is typically necessary.

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If you aspire to seek educational leadership roles, a key component to this path is the Hybrid Doctorate in Higher Education.  While earning a PhD in Leadership for Higher Education does not guarantee employment, it might prepare you to have the skills to communicate effectively, integrate technology, lead and manage higher education organizations, as well as develop and administer resources of higher education organizations. Start searching through listings on today!