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Online doctorate in Gerontology Degree Information

If you enjoy working with elderly individuals and making their lives better, studying the field of gerontology might be the right path for you. With an online doctorate in Gerontology, you could be trained to use your experience in a variety of positions, all from the comfort of your own home. Many students choose an online PhD in Gerontology program in order to accommodate work and family schedules and allow them to accomplish a variety of goals while working toward a degree. The knowledge that could be gained through the study of gerontology may be applied to positions in a variety of fields, from social work and healthcare to business management and politics. Researching different programs may give you a better idea of which career path is right for you.

Online Gerontology Doctorate Program Information

Potential Areas of Research in Online Doctorate in Gerontology Programs

The type of research you perform will largely be determined by the type of career you wish to pursue with your education. Many students who earn an online doctorate in gerontology are interested in the science of aging and how the body changes. Research could be done on how to adapt to these changes and if there is anything that people may be able to do to avoid the more unpleasant ones. This type of information is highly beneficial in the medical field and could determine the sort of treatment that doctors prescribe to their patients. Some students interested in the psychological aspect of aging may choose to spend their time researching the effect that a long life span has on an individual’s mental wellness. Political research could also be done to determine the most appropriate policies and laws to protect the elderly and improve their quality of life. These are just a few of the types of research that may be studied during an online PhD in gerontology.

Online PhD in Gerontology Degree Types

The degree that you are working toward will affect the research you study as well as the career you pursue when finished. There are several options for undergraduate minors and majors within the field of gerontology, but there are also options for those who are seeking a doctorate degree. Some options include a Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology and a Doctor of Philosophy in the Biology of Aging. Students may also choose to focus on aging services management or long-term care administration if they would like to seek work in a nursing home or other care facility. The degree type you choose could have a big impact on the type of work you could do when you finish school and begin your career.

Similar Fields of Study

For those interested in the field of gerontology but searching for a career beyond those previously discussed, a PhD in Gerontology could launch you into a variety of related positions and programs. Professionals in the social and human service assistance departments benefit from a foundation as a gerontologist, while home health and personal care aides could gain valuable knowledge pertaining to their careers from this field of study. Individuals interested in working in the rehabilitation side of counseling could also improve their understanding as a gerontologist. There are specializations in elderly care for professionals in the fields of law, physical therapy and nursing. Earning a degree in gerontology may be able to enhance the careers of those who are already established in their field as well those who are seeking admittance into additional programs.

Potential Job Outlook and Salary for Graduates of an Online Doctorate in Gerontology Program

The concentration you choose for your degree and the field you enter will play a role in the pay and job security you’ll have. The many careers for those within the field of gerontology means there could be a wide range of salary options. A few of those include:

  • Medical Scientist: Individuals who are interested in using their knowledge and research to improve the human health of others, specifically the aged population, may seek to become a medical scientist. As the need for better healthcare continues to rise, the job growth for this position is expected to increase an additional 13% over the next decade[i]. The median pay for professionals in this position is close to $77,000 and is typically only available to those with a doctoral degree.
  • Sociologist: The field of sociology is dedicated to individuals who want to study processes and cultures of various groups. While students of many different degree types may obtain positions within this field, the highest opportunities are only available to those with advanced degrees. Median range for those with a master’s degree is just under $75,000[ii]. Job growth is expected to be faster than average at 15%.
  • Nursing: Those interested in nursing will often have already completed their medical training before earning an advanced gerontology degree. Highly educated nurses are capable of median pay reaching close to $100,000 per year and face a job growth rate of up to 31%, depending on their specific position[iii].

The many options for careers make an online doctorate in Gerontology one of the most versatile education paths available. Some graduates could go on to prestigious careers in medicine or law, while others may choose to seek employment in care centers or businesses. With great pay and the opportunity to improve the lives of aging individuals, this field could lead to a fulfilling career in a variety of fields.

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