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Hybrid Doctorate in Gerontology Degree Programs

Earning a hybrid doctorate in gerontology degree could open doors to potential career opportunities in a variety of fields, from public policy and planning to dentistry and anesthesiology. No matter what plan you have for your career, it’s important to determine what the best way will be to go about pursuing it. With the progressive educational offerings, it may now be possible to pursue a hybrid doctorate in gerontology at a variety of schools.

Hybrid Gerontology Doctorate Program Information

Hybrid PhD in Gerontology programs might be a great choice for some students. In this type of class schedule, students are able to take some classes at the school’s campus while completing others at home online on their own schedule. This customized program offers individuals the ability to create a unique schedule that fits their needs, making it possible for more and more people to complete a doctorate degree and begin pursuing their career path.

Concentration Options for Hybrid Doctorate in Gerontology Students

The field of gerontology covers many areas, giving graduates many options of what to study and how to apply it once they complete the program. There are several concentrations that students might choose to focus on to progress in the study of gerontology.

  • Social Sciences: As a larger portion of the population lives into their advanced years and fewer children are being born, there is a shift in the social, emotional and mental aspects of individuals, families and entire communities.
  • Medicine: There are many aspects of medicine that could be studied during your degree. Many students who want to be nurse, doctor or anesthesiologist would choose to concentrate on classes studying the effects of medicine and operations on the aged. Pharmacists could also benefit from courses taken during a hybrid PhD in Gerontology program to assist them in knowing how to prescribe medicine to seniors and which methods of application work best.
  • Business Managers: There are certain situations in which a business manager would highly benefit from studying the mental and behavioral patterns of the elderly. Those who work in sales promoting products that older citizens use could study communication and buying patterns. Managers of nursing homes and long-term care facilities could also benefit from learning how to best meet their client’s needs and provide optimal care.
  • Politicians: Those interested in changing public policies and planning for the future well-being of the elderly could benefit from gerontology courses and study methods for research and projection.
  • Law: In addition to public policy, there are also attorneys who focus in elder law and could concentrate their studies to guide them in the best way to communicate with clients and achieve their goals and desires.

Skills and Qualities of Hybrid Gerontology PhD Students

No matter which concentration you choose to focus on, there are several qualities and skills that might help you progress in the field of gerontology. The first, and possibly most important, is compassion. Unless you are already in your later years, there is no way to truly understand the frustrations of daily pain and dysfunction that aged individuals suffer. This is why it is so important for gerontologists to have the utmost compassion for their patients and clients. Along with compassion goes communication. Besides hearing difficulties, there are other generational issues that may affect communication, as well as cognitive and behavioral deficiencies inherent with old age. It’s important for anyone seeking a career working with the elderly population to practice the utmost care in clear, effective communication and total compassion.

In addition these two main qualities, there are several skills that students might try to develop over the course of their studies that may help them complete a hybrid doctorate in gerontology. Since some of your classes are online, you’ll need to have self-control and time management skills in order to meet deadlines and complete classes in a timely manner. Excellent study habits are important for any degree, but especially for one that requires self-motivation and discipline.

Fun Facts about Hybrid Doctorate in Gerontology Degree Programs

Whether or not the field of gerontology is new to you, there may be several aspects about it that you were not aware of[i].

  • Gerontology emerged as a discipline immediately after World War II as specialized journals and professional societies became established. The Gerontological Society of America was founded in 1945.
  • The term gerontology became a scientific movement in the 1930s when a small group realized that the health of the overall population was no longer dominated by infectious disease, but by chronic ailments.
  • The development of gerontological science allowed groups to realize that the rapid increase in life expectancy had nothing to do with evolution. Various studies also revealed that a restricted diet had one of the largest correlates to longer life expectancy in small animals.

As the overall population ages, there could be a greater focus on the necessity to improve quality of life for those in their later years. This focus means the field of gerontology could become increasingly useful and necessary in several different career fields. By working toward a hybrid doctorate in Gerontology, you could have the opportunity to be a part of the movement toward study and research to make the future better for the youth as well as the aged of society.

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