Alabama Ph.D. Fashion Design on Campus Programs

Earning a Ph.D. in fashion design typically takes 5-7 years of full time study to complete; some programs might require students to conduct original research aimed at advancing the study of fashion design.

Fashion Design Doctorate Campus Programs introduce students to the exciting and colorful world of fashion, which encompasses everything from clothing design to visual merchandising. No matter what fashion career path you are hoping to pursue, you’ll likely need to expand your knowledge of areas like textile design, clothing technology, accessories design, or even jewelry-making and metal work. Fashion Design Doctorate campus programs could be a good starting point.

While you may be able to study in fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Paris, chances are there is a fashion design graduate campus school a bit closer to home. Search by city or state to find campus programs in the part of the world that interests you. Also search by concentration – for example, fashion merchandising graduate programs, accessory design graduate degrees, or even family and consumer sciences programs that could prepare you for a teaching career path.

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