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Online Doctorate in Environmental Science Programs Overview

Doctorate in Environmental Online Science Degree ProgramsGraduate students who aspire to potentially contribute to environmental policy, conduct advanced research or pursue an academic career might enroll in an online PhD in Environmental Science Program

An Environmental Science PhD offers an expansive perspective on the field. Depending on the specific degree program, a PhD in environmental science may involve the natural sciences, such as biology, physics, chemistry, geography or ecology, or the social sciences such as economics, business, sociology or even engineering. A PhD in environmental science is designed to provide students the ability to

  • Understand complex environmental issues
  • Complete original and accurate research in the field, or particular specialization
  • Focus on traditional or emerging trends of environmental science
  • Teach, consult, or formulate new policies within the industry

Due to the advanced level of academics, this is a personalized degree that allows students to tailor their education to their specific environmental interests. Whether you're interested in one aspect of the field or an interdisciplinary blend of training, the environmental science degree gives you options, whether this is forestry, botany, environmental toxicology, or oceanography and marine studies.

Use the search tools on to help locate online PhD in Environmental Science programs, and request information from the school to help decide which one matches your goals. While it may take 3 to 6 years to complete a PhD in Environmental Science, this may vary depending on the school and the fact that you are completing it online.

Potential Benefits to Online Environmental Science PhD Programs

Earning a doctoral degree in Environmental Science online has several potential   benefits. Many working professionals

maintain their current jobs while attending class online, where there is no pressure of traveling to school and mandatory attendance are removed. PhD programs generally combine high-level seminars with coursework and original research; the predominant requirement of these programs is to defend a doctoral dissertation. Educational technology has evolved making it possible to log into classes when it is convenient, and digital tools provide online library tools so that all you really need is a reliable computer and Internet access.

Among the challenges to distance learning are the facts that students must be self-motivated, and work well independently. Also, Environmental Science PhD programs may require some laboratory work; students may need to ensure they have access to some campus-based lab or research equipment.

Explore a Career as An Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientists are problem solvers; some focus on environmental regulations that are designed to protect people’s health, while others focus on regulations designed to minimize society’s impact on the ecosystem. Some of the different specialized tasks that an Environmental Scientist might be responsible for might include:

  • Reclaiming lands and waters that have been contaminated by pollution
  • Assessing the risks that new construction projects pose to the environment and making recommendations to governments and businesses on how to minimize the environmental impact of these projects.
  • Research on manufacturing practices
  • Environmental scientists and specialists who work for governments ensure that environmental regulations are followed

Other Specializations in this field include:

  • Climate change analysts 
  • Environmental health specialists 
  • Environmental restoration planners 
  • Industrial ecologists 
  • Environmental chemists

The top paying industries for Environmental Scientists and Specialists are:

  • Pipeline transportation of crude oil
  • Petroleum and coal products manufacturing
  • Resin, synthetic rubber and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing
  • Federal executive branch

While the median annual wage in 2014 was $66,250, the top 10% earned more than $114,990 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

Ready to Pursue an Online Doctorate in Environmental Science?

Doctoral level education in environmental science is an opportunity to contribute research to an area in this broad field that you are most passionate about. Advancement for environmental science professional is typically a result of experience, and in some cases, an Environmental Science PhD may be required or be what differentiates candidates from one another. Why not search for the right program for your needs on today!

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