Oregon Doctorate in Environmental Science On Campus Degrees

For graduate students who aspire to an academic, research-oriented or advanced roles, earning a Doctorate in Environmental Science on campus offers the opportunity to fine-tune expertise in a specific area of this wide-ranging field.

Doctorate in Environmental Science on campus degree programs are interdisciplinary, drawing on both the traditional and social sciences. PhD students have the opportunity to complete a specialization within a more select area in environmental science, such as plant sciences, sustainability, conservation, forestry or oceanography.

Campus based PhD in Environmental Science Programs

Environmental Science PhD programs are research intensive. They combine advanced seminars with coursework and original research with the primary goal of writing and defending a doctoral dissertation.If you are passionate about environmental issues, might hope to contribute to environmental policy or research, teach at the post-secondary level, or cultivate a specialization as an environmental scientist, a doctorate degree might be advantageous or necessary for certain roles.

How to Find an Environmental Science PhD Program

GradSchools.com has tools to help you find a PhD in Environmental Science program to match your needs. Studying on campus may have certain advantages, not the least of which is choice, since not all programs fit an online format.

If location is an issue, begin by selecting a city, state or country, then, browse the search results. Compare programs to determine who the faculty is, what the admissions requirements and tuition costs are. Some of your choices might include general PhD in Environmental Studies where students can create their own specialization, PhD in Botany, or PhD in Environmental Toxicology.

Campus programs offer the most face-to-face interaction with other doctorate students, your professors, and may offer you a chance to work as a teaching assistant.

Valuable if a career in academics appeals to you. In addition, your program may entail lab work, so it may be a plus to have laboratories and research libraries at your fingertips.

Job Statistics For Environmental Scientists

With heightened concern over the hazards facing the environment and public health, the demands for Environmental Scientists and Specialists is projected to grow by 11% between 2014 and 2024, especially within private consulting firms. In May 2014, the median wage for environmental scientists was $66,250, although the top 10% earned $114,990, with the top earners employed by the Federal Government.

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of a Doctorate in Environmental Science On Campus Program

While some environmental scientists and specialists focus on environmental regulations that are designed to protect people’s health, others focus on regulations designed to minimize society’s impact on the ecosystem. Some of these types of specialists are:

  • Climate change analysts: study effects on ecosystems caused by the changing climate.
  • Environmental health specialists: study how environmental factors impact human health
  • Environmental restoration planners: assess polluted sites and determine the cost and activities necessary to clean up.
  • Industrial ecologists work with industry to increase the efficiency of their operations and limit the negative impacts these activities have on the environment.
  • Environmental chemists: study the effects that various chemicals have on ecosystems.

Ready To Pursue a Doctorate in Environmental Science On Campus

With the diversity of environmental issues that concern contemporary culture, earning a doctorate in environmental science on campus degree means that you are committed to being amongst the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. Start evaluating your options using the search tools on GradSchools.com today!

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