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Doctorate in Environmental Management on Campus​ Programs Overview

Whether you are a working professional who is seeking advancement in a current career, or a graduate student looking to deepen expertise in the field, earning a PhD in Environmental Management might prepare you for a variety of potential roles.

Doctorate in Environmental Management on Campus programs prepare students with the qualifications needed to pursue careers as researchers, professors, policy makers, politicians, or expert consultants.  Environmental management Ph.D. students typically work to explore relationships among scientific, societal, economic, and technological issues, and seek to interpret research data to help them make recommendations in the environmental policy making process.

Environment Management Doctorate on Campus Degree Programs

Selecting a Doctorate in Environmental Management on Campus PhD Program

Whether you’re interested in finding local environmental management doctorate programs—or programs from colleges around the globe— can simplify your search! Just filter by location to pick a city, state or country and then browse through the results. You are able to request information from each school-which is a good idea. Doctorate-level study is research and fieldwork oriented, and will demand commitment. You want to choose a program that matches your interests, and has a faculty that you are excited to learn from. You also may want to check the admissions procedures and tuition, so that your have all the pertinent details.

Why choose a campus-based graduate school? Studying on a college campus might be a great way to build your professional and social contacts and take advantage of campus services like career planning. Many PhD programs in Environmental Management may also require laboratory work, so it may be advantageous to study where the educational technology

and tools are at your fingertips.

Some of these options might include a PhD in Zoology, PhD in Resource Management, PhD in Environmental Management, or PhD in Environmental Conservation: Environmental Planning.

Since doctorate degrees entail the generation and defense of original research in a dissertation, choose a program that you are excited to delve into, or that will potentially help forge a future career path for you.

Explore a Career in Environmental Management: Zoologists

Zoologists and wildlife biologists, professionals who study animals and other wildlife to see how they interact in their ecosystems, held 21,300 jobs in 2014. They are employed in state and federal government, management, scientific and technical consulting services, research and colleges and universities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a slow employment growth of 4% between 2014 and 2024, with competition for jobs. However, zoologists and wildlife biologists will be needed to research, develop, and carry out wildlife management and conservation plans that combat the threats presented by pollution and climate change and protect our natural resources. While the median annual pay was $58, 270 in May 2014, the top 10% earned $74,100.

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