PhD in Agriculture | Agriculture Science Doctorate Programs in Florida

With a Doctorate in agriculture you could position yourself for careers in high levels, such as agriculture professors, CEOs or investors. Compared to a masters program in the field, this degree level focuses more on specializations in economics.

Popular Schools with PhD Programs in Agriculture in Florida

What type of work could a person do with a PhD in Agriculture?

Though it depends on the type of coursework they take, a person with a PhD in agriculture may work in fields such as plant breeding, landscape design, research, floral design, genetic engineering, and pest control, among others.

What type of concentrations are available in a PhD in Agriculture?

Students may focus on one or more areas such as agricultural education, community and extension education, international development, and agricultural communications as a part of an agricultural graduate degree program.

What types of topics and courses are a part of a doctoral degree program in agricultural economics?

Courses vary significantly, but some topics that may be a part of this type of program include economic theory and quantitative methods related to economic problems of the food sector and rural areas. offers Graduate Schools with Agriculture Doctoral Programs in Florida