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Online PhD in Entrepreneurship Programs | PhD DBA in Entrepreneurship Degrees Overview

Online Entrepreneurship Doctorate Programs Career Profile

PhD in Entrepreneurship graduate programs are aimed at students who aspire to establish their own companies, tackle leadership decisions and find innovate solutions to boost business and ensure top profitability margins. Whether you are hoping to operate your own business, manage innovation, or teach top entrepreneurship to others, doctorate degree level entrepreneurship programs address the many facets of how to best run a successful business.

As a field of study, entrepreneurship might be defined as a business related specialization where leaders in organizations take risks, exploit opportunities, refine marketing strategies and take on the challenges of human resource management, product development and numerous other issues. A refined understanding of business environment, theoretical knowledge and practical activities often form part of most doctoral level Entrepreneurship Programs.

Compare the different types of online PhD in entrepreneurship programs on Some of the listings might include Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship. You can request information from each school using the green tab under each degree description to find out more about tuition, faculty, curriculum, admissions and prerequisites.

Is An Online PhD in Entrepreneurship Right For Me?

Web-based learning may be the right fit for busy working professionals who need the convenience of being able to schedule study around their work and/or family life, or for someone who does not live near a college or university. Many accredited schools have developed online PhD in entrepreneurship programs to address

these students’ needs. Generally, a course management system gives learners full time access to their classes. Digital tools provide online libraries and there are a variety of methods for doctorate students to stay in contact with faculty. Naturally, it is best to get all the details from the school that interests you as format and curriculum may vary.

Selecting an Online Doctorate Level Degree in Entrepreneurship

Some of the choices in Entrepreneurship at the doctoral level include The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship and the PhD in Entrepreneurship.

Online DBA In Entrepreneurship

To a certain extent, an online DBA in Entrepreneurship program addresses the needs of business professionals who want to enhance their practical industry experience and potentially move into advanced leadership positions as consultants or executives in high-ranking organizations where they may be responsible for strategic planning, formulating policy and overseeing finances. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, top executives held about 2.3 million jobs in 2012, 14 percent of which were held by chief executives[i].

Some of the courses that students might explore may include topics in business management, such as venture analysis, business development consulting, business brokering, and business banking. Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship coursework is aimed at helping students understand new business creation, international entrepreneurship, and strategic and economic principles of entrepreneurship.

Online PhD in Entrepreneurship

Enrolling in an online PhD in Entrepreneurship, graduates may expect a rigorous research oriented program aimed at helping the next generation of scholars to understand the impact of entrepreneurship within a competitive free enterprise system. This type of degree may be right for someone interested in leadership, small business consulting or academia. Venture management, ethical issues in entrepreneurship, statistics and marketing for start-up businesses are topics that might be explored. The growing role of technology, technological innovation and strategic management are some of the specializations that students may be able to select.

What Skills Does A Business Management Consultant Need?

Management analysts and business management consultants conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, perform work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively. Some of the skills that consultants should ideally possess include:

  • Being active listeners and clear communicators
  • Having strong critical thinking and inductive reasoning skills
  • Being able to solve complex problems
  • Having strong analytical skills to analyze and interpret data

Ready to pursue an Online PhD in Entrepreneurship?

As a leader in business, administration, research or academics, you are potentially opening yourself to a variety of professional opportunities that someone with less experience or education may not have. Why not use the search tools on to find the doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship that matches your goals!

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