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Graduate students interested in curriculum design, instructional methods using various web-based platforms, or advanced educational tools might benefit from earning an Online Doctorate in Educational Technology. The digital age has filtered its advancements into a myriad of instructional tools beyond textbooks and blackboards to webcams, video tutorials, and online learning management systems among other tools. Educational Technology as a field includes everything from distance and online learning to designing advanced tutorial software for optimized teaching.

Depending on your career goals, there are different doctoral level Educational Technology programs that might help professionals and academics not only research and implement current technology, but also design new curricula and refresh older methods to integrate the latest technological innovations.

Potential Benefits to an Online Doctorate in Educational Technology

Currently working teachers or professionals from other disciplines such as management or IT might find that there are a variety of EdD, EdS and PhD in Educational programs to choose from. One of the benefits of the virtual classroom or virtual library is that you do not have to commute. This is a plus if you have a busy schedule and need to fit study in at your own convenience. Online study has become quite popular for this reason. If you work and think well independently and need the flexibility to log into a course management system instead of getting to a class at a specific hour and day, earning your doctorate in educational technology may be a wise choice.

Earning an Online Doctorate in Educational Technology and may be extremely well suited for the online format, particularly for those who aspire to a career in the distance and online learning industry. Also, who better to understand all the ins and outs of educational technology than graduates of PhD, EdD, or EdS programs offered by online graduate schools who have the benefit of having experienced technology in education firsthand.

Some of the listings you might find on might include Online Doctorate of Education – E learning, Doctor of Philosophy in Education – Distance Learning, EdD Educational psychology and Technology, and Education Specialist (EdS) In Educational Technology. To help you compare curriculum, tuition, admission, prerequisites and other details, you might want to request information from each school and make a list with some notes.

Your Options: Online EdD, EdS and Phd in Educational Technology

All three types of doctorates, the EdD, EdS and Phd in Educational Technology are considered terminal degrees and are research focused. In different ways, they prepare students to manage the integration of technology into different settings, from the boardroom to the classroom.

Online PhD in Educational Technology: PhD programs tend to involve in depth study of the theories and philosophy of education, and how to apply your research in a particular problem area of education to help resolve issues using innovative instructional solutions.

Online EdD in Educational Technology: EdD programs tend to involve the application of ideas in teaching, and may appeal to administrators, teachers and professionals who work in education policy.

Online EdS in Educational Technology: Educators looking to boost existing credentials once they have earned their Master’s degree might find this type of degree useful, especially if they aspire to a leadership role in a school system or in curriculum and instruction

Potential Coursework in Doctorate Level Educational Technology Program

Naturally the coursework will reflect the degree you have selected, the specialization you are focusing on, and the school. Some of the courses that students may explore might include:

  • Distance Learning
  • Educational Theories
  • Leadership
  • Applied Research
  • Educational Psychology
  • How To Improve Student Outcomes
  • Curriculum Design
  • Online Learning Management Systems
  • Instructional Design and Technology

What Skills Do I Need To Work In Educational Technology?

Ideally, a professional working in instructional design, educational research or learning development is:

  • An effective communicator
  • A good teacher
  • Has a grasp of different learning strategies to be able to instruct appropriately
  • Has good critical-thinking skills and uses logic

Ready To Pursue an Online Doctorate in Educational Technology?

One thing is certain- technology is advancing and changing the face of different learning environments, from elementary school to businesses. We rely more and more on electronic devices and e-learning than past generations. To keep up, we need innovators, and people who are equipped to use and teach others how to use, different digital tools. Why not advance your education and credentials, and prepare for a variety of potentially rewarding careers by searching for a Online Doctorate in Educational Technology programs on today!


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