Ontario Doctorate in Economics Campus Degree Programs

Graduate students interested in learning advanced theory and performing empirical research in the field of Economics might find the earning a Doctorate in Economics on Campus degree may lead to a variety of potentially top echelon careers. Graduates may move on to teach in universities, work in research institutions, government agencies or as consultants.

PhD Economics Program Duration

It is recommended to verify how long it may take to complete your PhD at the university or college that interests you. It may vary, as might other details such as core curriculum, tuition, and admissions requirements.

The general format is that in the first few years students are exposed to core requirements, intensive coursework in a specialization, and current research in Economics. Faculty seminars, workshops, and student papers help to prepare students for their examination and to structure their intended research, and for future specialization needed to work on their dissertation.  The entire process might require between 4-6 years for a PhD in Economics to be achieved.

Potential Advantages to a Doctorate in Economics on Campus Program

Earning a Doctorate in Economics prepares students for potential careers in academia. If this is your aspiration, it might be beneficial to gain teaching experience as a graduate teaching assistant at the university you are enrolled in.

Learning on-campus gives students access to all the facilities. This may mean career counseling, using the gymnasium in between seminars, or taking advantage of the on-campus libraries.

Certainly, some students find it quite motivating to discipline themselves to get to a class, learn amongst like-minded classmates, and interact with professors in real-time.

If this sounds interesting to you, initiate a search for graduate schools with PhD in Economics programs on GradSchools.com. A

location search will determine what is available in the city, state, or country you have selected. Compare these programs by requesting information from the various schools.

Economics Doctorate Programs and Schools

Most doctorate-level Economics programs offer learners the opportunity to explore the major areas of economics, and different schools may have particular strengths in a particular aspect, such as theoretical, applied, microeconomics or econometrics.

Potential Specializations in Economics

Economists have different functions, depending on their specialization. Some of these might include:

  • Labor economics. Labor economists study the supply and demand of employers and employees
  • Econometrics: Econometricians develop models and use mathematical analysis to test economic relationships
  • Macroeconomics: Both macroeconomists and monetary economists examine the economy as a whole, including fiscal policies.
  • Public Finance: Public finance economists analyze the government’s role in the economy
  • International economics: international economists study international trade and tariffs

Specializing helps candidates develop original thought and research for their dissertation as well as potentially assist them in fine-tuning their career search.

Do You Possess the Qualities of an Economist?

Ideally, you are well-suited to a career as an economist if you have strong mathematical skills, understand advanced statistics, and are adept at analysis and critical thinking. It also helps in careers where you are working with others, to have clear and effective communication skills and are detail-oriented.

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Governments, businesses, universities and scientific research and development services employ economists. The current economy is not only competitive, but also regulated and the demand for qualified economist continues to grow as economic analysis and quantitative methods are needed to analyze and forecast sales and economic trends.  Start looking into a Doctorate in Economics program that might prepare you for a bright future!

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