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Certified teachers and graduate students who are drawn to potential careers in research, advanced teaching, leadership or curriculum development might find that a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction program provides them with the technical skills and knowledge.  Some doctorate degrees in curriculum and instruction are intended for professional educators and may take 3-4 years to complete. These programs offer advanced theory and practice in research methodology and application, curriculum mapping, instruction and assessment, and collaborative curriculum development. Use the search tools on to find programs such as Hybrid Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies, or Educational Leadership, Policy and Foundations.

important information about Hybrid Curriculum and Instruction Doctorate Programs

Hybrid Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction programs may be the right type of learning format for busy working professionals who do not have the time to study on campus full time. Typically these programs combine both campus and web-based learning into one program. The format will vary between schools, but it might be a perfect fit for someone who works well independently. Generally, students log into a course management system for the online component, and digital tools, such as online libraries are available for research and study. Some of the programs require time on campus for mentoring or may permit students to assist professors and often teach some classes at the university level before graduation and completing a dissertation.

Dissertation in Curriculum and Instruction

A dissertation is the culmination of your doctoral studies. Generally, you work with a faculty advisor in your curriculum and instruction doctoral program to plan a research project and subject focus. You spend much of your time in the program researching and studying your dissertation topic. You then present your dissertation and defend it to a committee of faculty in your program. Successful completion of your dissertation is required to graduate.

What is the Difference between the Ph.D. and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction?

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction may be completed in four years. Generally, they include courses in education foundations, research and curriculum development. Students may be able to select a specialization such as literacy, instructional technology or moral education. This specialization should reflect a clear sense of direction for future career plans.  A practicum and dissertation are also commonly required. Coursework might include:

  • Teaching models
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Educational statistics
  • Educational research
  • Teacher preparation

Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction programs are intended to prepare graduates for potential jobs as advanced practitioners in the field of education. These courses may be similar to those in a Ph.D. program, however they tend to focus on teaching practices, rather than on research. These doctoral programs are also made up of core courses, research projects and a dissertation. Coursework might include:

  • Curriculum policy
  • Program evaluation
  • Contemporary curriculum
  • School improvement and reform
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Professional development for teachers

What Are Important Qualities Of A Postsecondary Educator?

If you are planning to parlay your passion for advanced studies in curriculum development and instruction methodology into a career as a postsecondary teacher, some of the important qualities of an ideal candidate include:

  • Communication skills to be able to write papers and prepare lectures
  • Critical thinking skills to be able to establish and defend theories and beliefs
  • Resourcefulness to be able to present original thoughts and teach to a variety of students
  • Writing skills to be able to research, analyze and publish original papers or publications

Ready to Pursue a Hybrid Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction?

Earning a Hybrid Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction might prepare you for a variety of potential careers such as working in schools assessing, designing and implementing teaching programs. It may also prepare you to be a leader in academia or in the corporate world, devising training programs for an organization. Why not start searching for a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction graduate program that matches your future goals!

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