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Criminal justice doctorate schools focus on developing legal expertise, leadership, and analytical skills to understand and enforce the law in your community. How exactly they go about doing that may vary. For example, some criminal justice doctorate schools may be scholarly in nature. That means learning not only about the criminal justice system and how it works, but also the research methodologies to study it, developing a deeper understanding of the law and how it affects the people living in your community. Other doctorate in criminal justice programs, meanwhile, might focus more on professional roles. This may involve taking that research data and using it strategically to keep your community safe. By choosing to do all this in a local graduate school setting, you could gain a valuable local perspective, alongside campus resources, and the support of your faculty mentors.

Why Consider Criminal Justice Doctorate Schools?

Studying in a criminal justice doctorate school could be a positive choice for your continuing education for a few different reasons. At the doctorate level, many students like yourself are likely to have begun their careers in law or criminal justice, and be actively engaged in helping keep their communities safe. They may be able to offer an unique perspective to your studies and give additional insight into the application of law in the local area. Studying in a local program could also offer the convenience and flexible scheduling you need to keep helping people every day.

Graduate schools may offer valuable supportive resources as well. For example, you could use your program’s library materials and lab space to conduct important research. Finally, you could get to know your faculty and peers by working with them face to face, forging valuable professional connections. The classroom setting may also facilitate easier discussions

and allow for more group projects and simulations.

Types of Criminal Justice Doctorate Schools

Criminal justice doctorate schools offer a wide array of programs and areas of study. After all, the law is a complex thing, as are the government and social systems that enforce it. Especially at the doctoral level, many students may seek to tailor their studies to one particular topic, reflecting the needs of their community, their work areas, or goals. Some options of study include those listed below.

  • PhD in Criminalistics and Criminal Justice – These programs focus on law and it's application to crime. They may offer opportunities for further concentration, such as earning a PhD in criminology or criminal psychology.
  • Forensic Science Doctorate Schools – These focus on applying biology, medicine and chemistry in criminal investigative settings and similar roles.
  • Homeland Security PhD Schools – Programs at these schools seek to develop the intelligence acumen, security expertise, and organizational knowledge relevant to domestic and international security.
  • Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation Doctoral Schools – These programs may also be referred to as security programs, and may focus both on law enforcement and protection.
  • Doctorate in Legal Studies Schools – This category could include both programs aimed toward practicing law and researching it.

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