District of Columbia Campus PhD Rehabilitation Counseling Doctorate Programs

Thinking about a Campus-Based Doctorate Program in Rehabilitation Counseling? If you are looking for a career-focused program within the industry of public affairs, psychology or social sciences, and you enjoy counseling others, Rehabilitation Counseling is focused on helping people with disabilities or mental health and addiction issues achieve their personal and professional goals through the counseling process. A campus PhD program offers you the face-to-face interaction with your peers along with the opportunity to network. Local counseling doctorates may also have ties to the community and opportunities for practical internships or experience. 

PhD in Rehab Counseling On-Campus

A doctorate in rehabilitation psychology can prepare you for a variety of careers including working directly with those in need in private practice or in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, school and others. Start your search today to find the best Campus PhD Rehabilitation Counseling Doctorate Program for you.

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