Online PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy Programs. PsyD PhD MFT DMFT Degrees.

If you have a strong interest in counseling others, you may want to consider specializing in the field by earning a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, which is a very fast growing field as more and more individuals are covered for therapy under their insurance plans.

MFT PhD Programs

If you are a current professional who is returning to update your credentials, earning an Online Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy​ Degree program might help you fine-tune your potential career as a mental health professional.

Online Marriage and Family Counseling Doctorate Degree Program Information - Online Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy

Online MFT PhD programs tend to be flexible, so that current professionals are able to schedule study when it is convenient to them, rather than have to commute to class at set times. The latest digital tools and educational technology help keep students connected to faculty and online libraries are used for the intense research that most doctoral level programs require.

If this sounds like it would work for you, consider scrolling through the listings for PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy programs online on the site. You might find programs such as online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy –Child and Adolescent Therapy or PhD in Family Therapy. Make sure to request info from each school to compare the admissions requirements and other important points, as they vary between schools.

Specialized PhD Programs in Marriage and Family Therapy

In general, enrolling in an online Marriage and Family PhD program is your chance to deepen your knowledge and refine competencies in this one area within the complex field of counseling psychology. Some of the specialized emphasis in MFT PhD programs might include:

  • Children and Adolescents
  • Military Families
  • Families with substance abuse issues
  • Couple Therapy
  • Medical Family Therapy
  • Pastoral Counseling

Marriage and Family Therapy Doctorate Degree Options – MFT & PsyD PhD Programs

While in general counseling programs the individual is the focal point, in marriage and family therapy, the relationship is the client. Most college and university level MFT doctorate programs are run through either the psychology or education faculties, so as you compare programs, you need to consider what career outcome you are hoping for and them look into a degree that is considered a preparation for it. The 3 main reasons students approach Marriage and Family PhD programs is to function in a supervisory or pedagogical role, research or scholarly interests, and working directly with clients in a therapeutic context. Students then have the option of pursuing:

Online Doctor of Psychology Degree in Counseling Psychology (PsyD) often used as a basis for teaching counseling at the college level or working as an academic researcher

Online Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy (DMFT) is generally less research intensive than other PhD Marriage and Family Therapy Programs and provides students with the tools to practice counseling services with patients on a day-to-day basis.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy (PhD MFT) is a scholar/practitioner research program that prepares students for leadership roles in academia, research, behavioral healthcare or pastoral care.

What Qualities Does A Marriage and Family Therapist Possess?

It takes active listening and social perceptiveness to work as an MFT. Considered, a service-oriented role, it also requires that professional actively seek ways to help their clients and communicate their assessments with compassion and clarity as well as with a sense of accurate decision-making. They are also well-organized as they need to document their findings and fill out reports or work with insurance companies.

Ready To Pursue an Online Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy? Earn your MFT PhD Now!

Marriage and Family Therapists held 37,800 jobs in 2012 according to the BLS. Working as an MFT, you might work with individuals and families in private practice, outpatient centers, government, within a medical practice or in nursing and residential care facilities. If you are contemplating making a career shift or potentially enhancing a current counseling career by earning an online PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, make sure not to delay. Research your options on today!

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