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Doctorate in Counseling on Campus PhD Programs offer students the opportunity to pursue advanced credentials in counseling therapy that may help them in a current or potential future career search. With more competition in the job market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that candidates with a doctoral or education specialist degree and post-doctoral work experience will have the best opportunities in clinical, counseling, or school psychology positions[i].

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Doctorate in Counseling on Campus

The college campus experience may be a memorable one, as students have the chance to build their social and professional networks.  For students who wish to teach at the Postsecondary level, it may also be helpful in that some postsecondary teachers gain teaching experience by working as graduate teaching assistants. Others may enjoy the access to the university facilities, which may include career-counseling services.

Doctorate in Counseling on Campus PhD programs usually take 3 to 5 years of study, and students must already hold a hold a master's degree in counseling or a related field. In some programs, a yearlong residency or internship is required for hands-on experience. Most doctorate programs also call for a dissertation which involves research and original thought.

If location is important to you, use the city, state, or country tabs on the site to help narrow down some choices. Otherwise browse through for the type of degree you are looking for. Some of the listings might include: PhD in Pastoral Counseling, PhD Counseling Psychology, or PhD Counselor Education and Supervision.

What Types of Doctorate Degrees in Counseling Therapy Are There? PhD in Counseling Therapy!

There are different Doctorate in Counseling on Campus PhD programs to choose from, depending on your ultimate career goals and areas of

interest. Both Ph.D. in Counseling and PhD in Psychology degree programs with a counseling specialization are offered. These programs instruct students to provide psychological counseling for a variety of issues, including mental health and addiction, as well as for a plethora of different groups, such as families, couples, veterans or the elderly.

Choosing may seem daunting, though if you take the time to reflect on your long-term goals, it may make it easier to pinpoint the best option for yourself. For instance are you a minister hoping to add counseling skills to your work as a Pastor? Are you interested in adding a specialty so that you are able to work with a specific issue such as mental health, or a certain group, such as couples and families?

The Doctor of Psychology Degree in Counseling (PsyD) is sometimes used as the credential for an academic or research career.

The Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology (EdD or EdS) may be a good degree for graduates who hope to teach or work in educational administration.

The PhD in Counselor Education/Supervision is designed to prepare students to become expert counselors who are ready to become leaders or supervisors in their organizations.

The Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy (DMFT) is designed for counselors who want to work with couples and families.

The PhD in Pastoral Counseling is designed for counselors who want to work with faith groups or use a Christian faith perspective in their counseling practice.

What Qualities Should A Counseling Psychologist Ideally Possess?

Careers in therapy and counseling, and counseling psychology require certain important qualities and skills, for instance:

  • You should have an analytical mind
  • Good communication skills
  • A patient and trustworthy disposition
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Be able to problem solve and come up with a treatment plan
  • People skills, both to work with clients and collaborate with other professionals

Potential Career Paths For PhD in Counseling Therapy Graduates

Depending on the degree you have earned, you might be prepared to work in academia as a Postsecondary psychology teacher or academic researcher or in a variety of Counseling oriented positions, such as:

Counseling psychologists are professionals who help patients deal with and understand problems, including issues at home, at the workplace, or in their community.

Mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists are professionals who help people manage and overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems within family and other relationships, such as the couple

While a master's degree is the minimum requirement to become a licensed counselor, a doctorate degree may provide advancement opportunities.

Ready to Pursue a Doctorate in Counseling on Campus Degree?

By the time you are applying for admission to a campus Counseling PhD program, it is likely that you already have a broad understanding of the field, and the doctorate degree is an opportunity for in-depth understanding, specialization, and advanced research. Why not start looking into programs on to find the one that aligns with your goals!

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