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Hybrid PhD programs in business span two academically equivalent degrees, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Both types of business doctorates may be offered in many fields of interest, such as finance, organizational systems, and public policy. Top Schools with Business Doctorate Hybrid Degrees*

Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - 296+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 8:1
Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - N/A
Student / Teacher Ratio - N/A
Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - 619+
Student / Teacher Ratio - N/A
Jacksonville University
Format / Location - Hybrid
Total Enrollments - 1,171+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 12:1

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Also, they both entail rigorous courses of study with a heavy emphasis on research. Students must write and defend a doctoral dissertation, as well as take a comprehensive exam to show their mastery over the content area.

Hybrid PhD programs in Business provide terminal business degrees delivered through a mix of online and on campus requirements. In some universities, students attend campus at the onset of their program for an orientation. Other schools might require students to be on campus several times per year for brief residencies.

Business Doctorate Hybrid Programs Information

These sessions provide face to face contact with professors, and a chance to collaborate with peers. Moreover, they allow a busy professional to work towards an advanced degree while they maintain career and other lifestyle duties.

Hybrid Business Doctorate Degrees: PhD vs DBA

While the degrees share some commonalities, there are key differences between the two degrees.

About the PhD in Business

To apply into a PhD in Business, students need a Bachelors degree and possibly, some relevant work history. PhD candidates typically pursue their degree to prepare for a career in research and academia. The course of study they follow often focuses on a key area of study such as accounting, economics or organizational behavior. Furthermore, the endeavor of a full-time PhD in Business may take four to five years. This is often because students spend a lot of time on research for their dissertation.

In it, their goal is to take the data they harnessed and contribute new thought to their field in research that is publishable. To this end, many schools have extensive online libraries and often, inter-library loan systems. Hybrid PhD students might also make use of student support services such as writing tutors.

About the DBA

To apply into a DBA program, students may need an MBA or related business degree, prerequisite courses and usually, a certain amount of work history. DBA candidates typically pursue their degree to develop expertise, acquire complex decision and analysis skills. The course of study they follow might develop the ability to apply theory and their research to current business problems.

As a result, the DBA may target senior managers who want to advance their careers. Finally, a full-time student may earn their DBA degree in about three years, and many schools offer part-time, hybrid programs. Even more convenient for the current executive. Plus, many universities offer one-one mentoring with an advisor. This might be done on campus and/or through video conferencing office hours.

Accredited Hybrid PhD Programs in Business

Regionally-accredited online and traditional universities offer Hybrid PhD programs in business. Some individual programs may be professionally-accredited through an agency such as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). offers 0 Business Doctorate Hybrid Degree Programs

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